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The Intelligent Content Playbook

The Top Strategies and Advanced Optimization Techniques from the PowerPost Masterclass Instructors

According to Buzzsumo, 70% of all content published in 2017 received zero inbound links. 

Brands are now creating more content than customers can consume, which means that our marketing content must work harder to be noticed or linked.

Get The Optimization Secrets of Today’s Leading Content Marketers:

The Intelligent Content Playbook teaches marketers how to create data-driven, authoritative content that will attract links, ranks and engagement in an increasingly competitive environment. Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans, the book distills the best practices from guest instructors featured in PowerPost’s monthly ‘Brand Publishing Masterclass’ webinar series.

Our Guest Instructors Share Their Best Tips and Strategies:

  • Discover ways that you can take a sneak peak at your competition’s content analytics
  • Learn how the right piece of original research can provide you with a year’s worth of content
  • Build data-driven content calendars, leveraging not just analytics but also AI
  • Atomize your content to get the maximum publishing output without adding resources
  • Un-learn the terrible myths about buyer personas that are burning up your resources

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The Intelligent Content Playbook

Insights from eBook Contributors

Christopher Penn

Founder, Trust Insights

“The days of ‘good enough content’ aren’t good enough anymore.”

Adele Revella

Author of Buyer Personas and Founder of The Buyer Persona Institute

“Too often, Buyer Profiles are nothing more than an attractive way to display obvious or demographic data. Defining markets based on demographics—data such as a person’s age, income, marital status, and education— is the legacy of 60 years of selling to the mass market.”

Mike Brown

The Brainzooming Group

“Develop content from a social-first perspective. Speak to individual interests and needs.”


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No other publishing eBook gives you this much insight:

Featuring insights from digital marketing experts Michele Linn, Christopher Penn, Mike Brown, Adele Revella, Park Howell and many more!

  • Techniques on how to create editorial calendars using Content Intelligence
  • Guides on how to atomize your content with lightning-quick efficiency
  • Strategies for building memorable content stories that pierce right through the noise
  • Relevant research findings from Buzzsumo, Backlinko, Mantis Research and More!