What to Do When Your Brand Messaging Falls Flat

Not every blog post, tweet or ad campaign is going to be a hit. Plain and simple, it sometimes takes a lot of trial and error to stumble across your company’s secret brand messaging formula. And even then, hiccups still happen for big and small industry players alike.

While testing is key and poor performers happen, if you’ve yet to see any wins on behalf of the content marketing strategy you’ve put into action, there may be some cause for concern. Worse yet, if you’ve yet to see any wins and have continued to stay the course for a prolonged period of time, then the concern is real for both your branding and strategic process. Having a brand narrative doesn’t create a flood of customers when you’re failing to tell it well and remaining complacent with the status quo.

Before tossing the whole kit and caboodle in the garbage, take some steps to evaluate the source of audience drop-off. Here are some steps to take when your brand messaging falls flat.

Take a Long, Hard Look at the Metrics

The raw numbers aren’t subjective and most of the time, there’s little gray area in the equation. Take the time to dig into the backends of your digital marketing channels for clues as to where and when audience attention gets lost.

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If your image ads are continuously underperforming in comparison to video, there might be something off with the graphics/photography you’re using. If your blog post headline is driving clicks on social but leading people to bounce quickly when on the blog itself, there might be something to tweak with regards to your writing. Narrow in on where the value appears to be lost for customers and approaching a fix will become much less daunting.

Run Some A/B Tests

Another great way to pinpoint the culprit behind your flat brand messaging is to run some tests. This is especially true when you feel like the quality of your website content is where it should be.

Take to your digital marketing channels and pit options up against each other. This could mean running competing headlines, images, caption copy, etc. As long as you’re keeping each test focused and relevant to what you’re trying to solve for, you should be able to separate what works from what doesn’t.

Reevaluate Your Buyer Personas

Knowing your audience is key. If you’re not speaking to them in the right way or worse yet, not speaking to them at all because you’re focused on irrelevant audiences, then it’s time to reevaluate. Go back through the research and make sure those customer insights are in line with a set of personas that will actually help you generate leads.

Reframe Your Benefits

On the flip side, it might be your brand story that needs a bit of rethinking. Even if the story itself is captivating, it can only do so much when people aren’t even consuming it. Consider how you’ve been framing that story to your potential customers and more importantly, how you’ve been displaying the benefits in a way that address their needs. Your story isn’t self-serving after all—it should suggest value on behalf of both your brand and customer base alike.

Experiment with New Creative

It can be easy to fall into patterned approaches; to distribute a blog per week because that’s what your team has always done and always will do. Having a blog just to have a blog, though, is time wasted if your posts fail to move audiences along that buyer’s journey.

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Regroup with the team and bring forth any and every new approach you can. Even if you can only realistically act on one idea at a time, experiment with new formats and creatives. It will give you a bigger base to measure against as you narrow down a content marketing strategy that works for your company.

Still in the dark on how to approach breathing new life into that flat brand messaging? We can help. Contact the team at PowerPost today!

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