Ways to Drive Leads Through Targeted Content

Quality content and a relevant audience are two of the key elements in any successful content marketing strategy. Have one without the other and you might as well be throwing your resources straight into the garbage. That’s harsh but most certainly true.

Let’s say you pieced the audience puzzle together with hours spent surveying, brainstorming hypotheses, hosting focus groups and more. With all of that said and done, your audience personas couldn’t be any more accurate. These are the people, interests, wants and needs most in line with what your brand has to offer.

How do you begin to turn those audience eyeballs into leads? What type of format will elevate your content from merely posted to engaging?

Here are a number of ways to drive leads through targeted content.

Content Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to repurpose and add value to a piece of content you’ve already created is through the use of a “content upgrade.” For example, if you’ve created a blog post on finding financial freedom in the year ahead, maybe you also include a free, downloadable budget template in conjunction with it. You can then invite readers to enter their email for download, and a previously static post quickly becomes a lead-driving machine.

Offering a Discount

There’s no denying the power of a discount, especially when integrated into your retargeting efforts. For those who have recently visited your website, consider creating ads on social that promote further engagement with your brand using discounts as an incentive. For example, if you’re hoping to increase email newsletter subscriptions, offer a 10 percent discount to audience members in exchange for their signups. This not only lends itself to driving content-based leads but conversions as well.

PowerPost Offer a Discount Example Image

Free Tools

Interactive is always better seeing as audiences are constantly bombarded with bland when it comes to content. Say you’re a fitness brand touting the importance of proper nutrition. Creating a tool that allows visitors to calculate their individual daily nutritional needs is likely to see a fair amount of use. Best of all, you can gate results with a simple email submission form that drives value for both user and brand.

Mini Courses and Webinars

Another way to go about repurposing potentially stale pieces of content for the sake of leads is to reformat them as a mini-course or a webinar. You can develop targeted ads to drive interest, collect emails for participation and engage with additional content before, during and long after the webinar’s completion. Downloadable course materials can be used to advertise the value of mini-courses to audiences, as well. And recordings of these formats can live on your site, gated or otherwise, for long-term use as lead generators.

PowerPost Webinar Promotional Image Example

These are just a handful of ways to approach targeting and remarketing your brand’s audiences with useful, lead-driving content. Through what other pieces of content have you found success with in driving leads? Tweet us at @powerpostsocial and let us know!

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