4 Types of Visual Content for Follower Engagement

While scrolling through social media, do you stop and take a moment to read a brand or company post that contains no imagery? According to Chute and Digiday, 20.3% of marketers found visual content three times more effective. I’m sure that comes as no surprise since images are what typically draw us into a post in the first place. Let’s look at what types of visuals do best and tools you can use to incorporate them into your next content.


When you tie data into visually appealing imagery, the result is a recipe for success. I mean, who doesn’t love an infographic? Infographics are popular because they are easy to understand, memorable and easy to read. If you would like to incorporate infographics into your content, we’ve listed some simple-to-use tools.



We keep hearing every year is “the year of video,” that’s because every year is! People can’t get enough video, according to a 2016 HubSpot survey, 43% of consumers wanted to see more video in 2016.

Incorporating video into your content draws attention and creates highly engaging content. Using video is a simple way for you to get your message across and captivate your audience. 

Original photography/images

Your social media followers want to see authentic photos. Original photography can add a personal touch and feel while bringing you closer to your followers. When we see a company’s office or beautifully crafted photos, we feel like we’re part of their world. Not to mention, when done right, original photography is beautiful.

Don’t think you have the money to shell out for photography? Have no fear; you have a great camera probably sitting next to you right now. It’s a smartphone, and it’s got some pretty great features. There are tons of great photo editing and text editing apps out there, and who can forget our favorite, Instagram! Use these tools bump up your imagery game and improve content!



Let’s take a step back to the basics, presentations. Visually appealing presentations have been around as long as programs like PowerPoint, but there’s a reason… they work!

If you have a lot of information, breaking it up into a beautiful presentation/slideshow can do the trick. Below are a couple of tools you can choose from for your presentation needs.


By implementing more visual content, you can increase your visitors/fans. Think of yourself as a customer, what types of visuals would you want to see? Incorporate more of those, Now that you have the tools and knowledge, it’s time to become Power Publisher!

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