Top Five Methods to Get More Production Out of Your Content

Take a minute to consider your content marketing team and the content created and distributed each month. Does the content output match the resources currently in place?

If the answer is ‘no’, your immediate response doesn’t have to be to clean house. The effectiveness of content produced in comparison to the effort of creating it may actually be a factor of poorly-defined strategy and goals.

Here are five methods for increasing the production levels from your content marketing team, no matter the size of your organization.

Document your strategy

According to CMI’s 2018 B2B Research Report, 37 percent of marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. This lack of clear documentation and planning around content strategy is all too common. Similar to plugging an address into Google Maps when headed to a new destination, having a clearly-defined route between your starting point and destination is key.

Keep in mind that documenting your process isn’t synonymous with discouraging experimentation. If an opportunity arises, your team should feel empowered to pursue it. The key is for them to have an overall understanding of what mission and purpose are driving your efforts. In doing so, they’ll be less likely to veer off track and waste time questioning where to go next.

Structure the team accordingly

One of the biggest mistakes a content marketing team can make is to have the right people filling the wrong positions. The easiest way to alleviate issues like this is to clearly map out each team member’s responsibilities. In doing so, you can ensure that people aren’t wasting time focusing on the wrong things.

In addition, the more structured the tasks are, the easier it’ll be to pinpoint where others on the team can play larger roles based on their interests and strengths. Especially among creatives, lines can blur quickly. Make sure everyone on the team is working toward the tasks and goals that make the most sense for the role they play.

Diversify your talent

If you have determined gaps within the current content team, be realistic, efficient and opportunistic about the type of talent you bring in to fill them. For example, you may have a strong need for both a writer and designer. Unfortunately, you might not always have the budget for both. In situations like these, outsourcing to freelancers or hiring outside content providers might be the better budgetary option.

Embrace collaboration

When building out your strategy and process for development, where are most of the content ideas coming from? If everything stems from one person with little possibility for challenge or change, your content production is likely to suffer. Collaboration is key to improving the process and avoiding falling into the trap of content status quo. A marketing lead can help from a project management perspective, but make sure everyone on the team is contributing through regular editorial meetings.

Use Atomization

As you streamline your content team’s efforts, do the same for the content itself. This means evaluating methods for distribution and the possible use cases surrounding a singular piece of content. Atomization is one way to do this. By taking a cornerstone piece of content and then breaking that concept into a number of smaller pieces, you’re able to minimize your efforts but maximize your content production. 

Content Atomization eBook image

At the end of the day, you want your content to work smarter, not harder. If your team is able to get more out of one idea, rather than constantly churning and burning through as much subject matter as possible, you’ll find the return on your efforts to increase dramatically.

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