Top Healthcare Marketing Trends

Marketing trends take off across different industries at different times. What might have been something quickly adopted by those in B2C businesses, like a clothing retailer or fast casual dining spot, might prove slower to take hold of a B2B business or more broader sector such as healthcare.

This is partially a result of the examples marketers have to turn to for their specific business models. It becomes much easier to put certain marketing tactics into motion when you have something successful to point to in your industry.

Luckily, strong examples of healthcare marketing are alive and well, giving other brands the motivation and confidence to follow suit. Here are some of the top healthcare marketing trends taking hold within the industry.

An Emphasis on User Experience

Think about the last time you were sick. If symptoms displayed were out of the norm, was your first instinct to schedule a visit to the doctor or self-diagnose after hours of scouring WebMD?

This is what healthcare providers of today are up against: a world of information at the fingertips of their patients. And because of this, healthcare marketers are no longer focused on simply pushing appointments. In the long run, it proves more beneficial to provide the information patients are seeking—to join the conversation with quality content and to develop patient portals to meet consumer demand for virtual services.

Rise of Paid Promotion

The rise of paid promotion as a top healthcare marketing trend likely won’t come as a surprise. After all, incorporating promotion into content marketing strategy is something many businesses have begun to do more and more as organic reach has steadily declined over the years.

For healthcare marketers, paid promotion has been realized through investments in search ads (PPC) and advertising on social media. Content shock is real across the board, which means there’s a price to be paid for reaching relevant audiences and driving customer engagement.

Personalization and SEO

For the brick-and-mortars in the industry—clinics, pharmacies, hospitals—hyper-focused audience targeting can make all the difference. In addition, how they list themselves and appeal to what consumers are searching for has become a trend in healthcare that’s hard to ignore.

Harnessing the power of Google My Business listings is something many healthcare marketers are currently tackling. To do this well, this means investing in content marketing and the aforementioned online user experience to build domain authority, as well as driving customer reviews that can also positively impact local SEO.

Video Marketing for Healthcare

Video has been on the rise for a while now, but in the world of healthcare, it’s become a critical element for content engagement and building brand authority. Physicians themselves have unsurprisingly become the face of many providers keen to humanize and build long-lasting relationships with patients.

Additionally, video is proving a useful tool for simplifying otherwise complex content. For many patients, the unknown associated with many procedures and treatments is scary, hindering any further action. Providing educational content through video helps to alleviate questions and concerns and makes the complex seem much more tangible.

Automation and AI

With the rise of data, comes a need to distill it and take action. Luckily, automation technology and AI are quickly evolving from short-term trends to long-term solutions.

Chatbots are one example of how AI can transform marketing interactions between patient and healthcare providers. Rather than sifting through text-heavy FAQ pages, customers can save time and frustration through interactive messaging apps that provide solutions in real-time. These apps can then serve as touchpoints for distributing content and further personalizing a patient’s experience.

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