Six Ways to Improve Your Content’s Share of Voice

Measuring the results of your efforts as a digital marketer is easy.

Regardless of the insight, there’s an equation, a KPI, a unit to be quantified. Heck, you can even start to wrap metrics around aspects of your marketing tactics that might otherwise be labeled as “qualitative” if you really want to.

The point is, the “data” in data-driven content marketing isn’t hard to come by. It’s the translation of numbers into actionable next steps that cause many to stumble—if they even attempt it in the first place.

This is certainly the case when it comes to share of voice (SOV). So, you come in dead last in comparison to your top three competitors in social media SOV, raking in a less-than-impressive 10 percent? Now what?

Well, here are six ways to improve your content’s share of voice.

Atomize High Performing Content

Before calling all hands on deck, approach the problem from a “work smarter, not harder” mindset. Applied to your content marketing and its poor contributions to share of voice, this means maximizing the potential of what is working well.

Analyze your current content base to decide which content to atomize. In repurposing high performers for different channels and formats, you inevitably increase the potential for visibility. Once consumed, these new audiences and their engagements with the new atomized content contribute to SOV growth over time.

Work with Influencers

If you’re struggling to connect with audiences, reconsider how the ways in which you’re shaping the brand narrative. It might be worth telling that story through the voice of an influencer, as long as you choose the right one for your business.

Influencers cater to social proof in a very real way. With an established and engaged follower base fueling the fire of their personal brands, people listen when they talk and carry on the conversation. The more influence, the more weight to their share, the greater potential of improving your brand’s SOV—it’s a continuous cycle.

Increase Your Promotion Budget

Sometimes improving your content’s share of voice is simply a matter of getting it in front of more people. Who would’ve thought?

If you haven’t yet incorporated promoted content into your content marketing strategy, you’re neglecting a critical tactic in driving awareness. Set aside some experimental ad spend and start targeting relevant audiences with popular content that’s found success organically. You can continue to tweak and refine your efforts with each new campaign.

Be Reactive and Proactive with Audience Engagement

The idea of “voice” is critical when it comes to understanding how to elevate your brand’s SOV. Use it. Literally.

The more you talk to your audiences (not at them), the more they’ll talk back. And inevitably, about you. This applies to not only initiated conversations, but ones you start and facilitate as well through social listening and monitoring.

Diversify Your Channel Focus

In content marketing, it’s easy to get caught in a rut. Your approach started with blogging; it’s served your brand well so far, so a blog a week it’ll be.

Here’s the thing, though, you’ll never know the potential of what could be if you aren’t testing the waters every now and then. Sure, you might find that consistent blog posts help you secure a piece of that SOV pie. But what happens when video marketing takes that awareness to the next level?

Stop Pushing Bad Content

At the end of the day, changing up every tactic in the book won’t save bad content from being, well, bad. And in these instances, you may need to head back to the drawing board and start from square one.

It only takes you so far to measure and determine that the content you’re creating isn’t quality; especially if it continues to get circulated regardless. Improving your content’s share of voice comes from using those KPIs to determine next steps.

What are your team’s biggest headaches when it comes to driving that share of voice? Let us know in the comments below.

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