Six Strong Examples of Healthcare Marketing

At the risk of sounding cliché, seeing is believing. We can talk tactics and get down to details through “how to guides” all day. But sometimes, the best way to learn in content marketing is from example—more than one if you’re lucky.

Looks like you’re in luck. It’s time to look at current and past campaigns that truly exemplify what’s trending in the industry. Here are six strong examples of healthcare marketing.

Chatbots Combat Influenza

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now for a reason. In addition to overall time savings, consumers have clearly shown brands that they want this type of technology in marketing for the sake of a personalized user experience. Not to mention AI’s ability to effectively solve for pain points with real-time solutions.

During an annual flu initiative, Brett Swenson, M.D., opted for chatbots over the usual pamphlets and emails in reminding patients to get their shots. By meeting patients where they were via messenger, the practice’s response rate for the campaign increased from 1 to 30 percent. Without any bells and whistles, this simple activation of AI not only improved clinician visibility, but consumer engagement as well.


Making healthcare decisions for yourself is one thing, but as a parent, the concern placed upon each and every decision takes on more weight. Enter: #AsktheMayoMom, a bi-weekly Facebook Live event hosted by the Mayo Clinic.

During the event, Dr. Angela Mattke, a pediatrician from the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center, sits down with various experts to discuss pediatric health topics and provide a real-time Q&A. This content-based initiative effectively engages with the niche persona it aims to resonate with via humanizing videos.

Not only are audiences better familiarized with the authority of Mayo Clinic as a brand, they become more comfortable with the complex services they provide and physicians behind them.

UnitedHealthcare Gets Social

As a consumer, you wouldn’t immediately associate healthcare providers with the typical nuances of other B2C brands. However, as UnitedHealthcare proves through their approach to social media, there’s value in developing a streamlined tone of voice and visual style.

Take a look at UnitedHealthcare’s Facebook Page to see this in action. One of the first things you’re likely to notice is the bright and colorful overall tone of the visuals. This immediately contrasts with some of the feelings typically associated with healthcare (e.g. frustration, fear, confusion, anxiety). Simple copy in conjunction with consistently topical shares make their content highly relevant and engaging to their larger audience.

2-Minute Tuesdays

On the other hand, Optum Bank exemplifies how B2B providers can also make sense of buying behaviors in the healthcare marketing arena. With their 2-Minute Tuesdays campaign, they zeroed in one of the most frustrating aspects of healthcare: managing insurance benefits.

To help human resource teams explain open enrollment to employees, they developed an email series full of easily digestible resources. From video tutorials to storytelling-based examples, their content marketing efforts aimed to simplify audience pain points and build trust in their brand name.

The Blue Room

Storytelling is something that can be easily leveraged by those in healthcare marketing. And in relation to building out expansive, online portal driven patient experiences, this is especially true.

Take the Blue Room from Bupa, an international healthcare group, as an example. At every stage of a patient’s healthcare journey, they’ve developed a knowledge base to answer questions and better prepare for a future of health and wellbeing. They incorporate real patient stories and video to bring the narrative of their brand to life and build trust in seeking out future services.

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