Seven Ways to Manage Content Through Facebook Publishing Tools

With fake news and data scandals galore this year, Facebook has certainly become no stranger to scrutiny. Understandably, this has led many businesses to question their own efforts on the channel, especially with recent changes in ad targeting.

What many marketers fail to take into account, however, is just how robust the content offerings through Facebook truly are. Beyond the standard post lives a backend of content management tools to explore and take advantage of in building a versatile multimedia strategy.

Here are seven ways to manage content through Facebook Publishing Tools.

Schedule and Post Content

If you’ve yet to incorporate a publishing platform of any kind into your digital marketing efforts, it’s time to take a long hard look at your team’s efficiency. As you work with your content distribution channels, planning and scheduling material ahead of time becomes crucial—not just to the process itself, but the quality of what’s being created.

Through Facebook Publishing Tools, you can monitor key KPIs from previously published posts, schedule out content in advance and even save material in a draft state. This feature should be available to most editors and admins of the Page.

Post Recorded and Live Videos

Video views on Facebook clock in at roughly 8 billion daily; a statistic that certainly points to the fact that video is a medium that isn’t going anywhere.

Thanks to Facebook Publishing Tools, bringing your brand narrative to life through video on social has never been easier. Within the platform, you can access your entire library of previously posted video content, analytics and all. Additionally, you can upload new content, take advantage of templated videos or even start a live recording.

Access Fair Use Creative Assets

In conjunction with your video creation efforts, Facebook recently made available a library of free tracks and sound effects for content creators. Through Facebook Publishing Tools, navigate to the Tools section and click on Sound Collection.

All of the materials are fair use and free to download for incorporation into videos shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Pull Data for Retargeting

When developing content campaigns, many marketers make the mistake of focusing on only two of the three main stages across the buyer’s journey: awareness and conversion. What they fail to create for is the piece in between, the consideration stage.

Within the Facebook Publishing Tools dashboard, you’ll find a section dedicated to Lead Ad Forms. Here you’ll be able to see which consideration stage ads are currently running, build out new forms for future campaigns and save conceptual drafts. You’ll also be able to download lead lists for utilizing in the targeting of future campaigns or through other platforms.

Track Events

Events are an often underutilized feature among brands on Facebook, but can be useful in building an engaged community around in-person and/or virtual happenings.

If you’ve ever published an event before, you’ll find them archived in this section. For each event, you’ll also be able to dive deeper into insights around who was interested in the event and how many actually attended. Should you want to create an entirely new event as well, you can also do it from within this dashboard.

Monitor Influencer and Other Co-Sponsored Promotions

Choosing the right influencers and partnerships for your brand is no small feat, but it’s certainly effective in broadening your reach across potential new audiences.

For influencer partnerships built around a certain number of mentions per platform, the Branded Content section within Facebook’s Publishing Tools proves especially useful. You can track all of the content that influencers and/or other businesses create in affiliation with your business’ Facebook Page. Review and approve what works, and monitor the posts you’ve created on behalf of other businesses as well when needed.

Review Instant Articles

If Facebook Instant Articles are part of your content distribution strategy on social media, you’ll be able to manage and review them from within Facebook Publishing Tools. Configure the setup of your own instant articles library, create new pieces for publication, track insights, and make edits to articles uploaded by other admins.

Note that this section will not appear within your Publishing Tools dashboard if you haven’t yet signed your Page up for Instant Articles usage.

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