The SEO Benefits of Content Atomization

There are some who believe the need for SEO is eliminated through content marketing, when in fact, this couldn’t be more wrong. SEO and content marketing — or in this case, content atomization — may be different elements, but overlap in more ways than one.

SEO and Content Marketing

Essentially, content atomization allows marketers to squeeze the most out of a content idea and develop themes into multiple pieces that deliver better results for the brand. Understanding the difference between the two and how to integrate one within the other will help your brand immensely.

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Here are some key points on how SEO and content atomization complement each other.

  • SEO demands content, content atomization is content — lots of content
  • SEO demands keywords, while content atomization uses keywords
  • SEO demands links, content atomization provides links
  • SEO demands consistent output, content atomization requires the consistent output of fresh content 

Leave Breadcrumbs to Your Content Through SEO

Search engines remain the largest driver for engagement and traffic for any brand. Proper utilization of keywords in content allows search engines to search, find, and deliver that content to a larger audience on its own.

What’s more effective than keywords? Keyphrases. Barry Feldman claims in his book SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans that the usage of long-tail keywords – phrases of three or more words – generates significant traffic from viewers searching for more than just one keyword.

Strong SEO Benefits

According to Upwork, If you properly integrate keywords into your atomized content, you’re effectively spreading “bread crumbs” from your initial idea or theme across multiple platforms. This will help your brand in its engagement, traffic, and ultimately awareness to your brand through search engines.

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SEO Benefits

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Higher Content Ranking

Atomized content also gives brands the potential to increase its content ranking. The more keywords and phrases spread out across the internet leading back to your main idea or article, the more pieces of content search engines have to pull for your audience when searching for material. It’s hard not to click when there’s a lot of content bait!

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The Hand in Hand

The way a brand reaches a broader audience through SEO integration is with content atomization and content marketing. Alternatively, the way to ensure the success of your content atomization is through SEO. All of which drives more engagement and yields higher search results. These two elements, although different, go hand in hand.

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