The Problems That Audience Personas Can Solve for Your Business

Plain and simple, a buyer persona is to your product as an audience persona is to your content marketing. Rather than dealing with buying stages—understanding what drives your personas toward purchase—you’re trying to understand how your audience consumes content. What propels them to engage with the content your brand produces from one blog post, video, email newsletter, etc. to the next?

For companies who develop content first and audiences later, there are likely to be some common resulting roadblocks. Here are some problems that audience personas can solve for your business.

Your messaging isn’t driving the expected results

Your marketing team may review created content and think it’s the perfect representation of your brand there ever was and will be. You post it, sit back and wait for the clicks, shares and likes to pour in. But alas, there’s nothing. Zilch. What gives?

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As someone who’s engulfed in your brand daily, your perception may not always be exactly balanced. This is why approaching content consumption from the shoes of your audience personas, people that could quite possibly have zero knowledge of your brand from the get-go, elevates your efforts to a new level. Redeveloping your messaging with audience personas in mind leads to pieces that are more effective on behalf of both your brand and potential customers.

The mix of content isn’t relevant

Content marketing success is not just about who you’re targeting but where and what you’re targeting them with. If you’re developing blog content for an audience that proves much more receptive to videos, the results will inevitably reflect that.

Audience personas help your team shape the behaviors of those you target from the perspective of their consumption behaviors. The more you can frame where they’re likely to seek out content relevant to their interests and needs, the better you can determine an approach for what types of content to create.

Targeting is too broad

You shouldn’t treat your distributed content like a billboard. Play your content marketing strategy like a numbers game and it’ll end up proving both inefficient and expensive. This is why narrowing audiences in a way that makes sense for your brand is so important.

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If you’re targeting individuals based on location and basic demographics alone, audience personas will help your team with the specifics. After all, if your content is catering to specific needs and interests, the audiences being targeted should be reflective of that. Make sure your posts are getting in front of the right people, not all the people.

Content is centered around the brand

One of the biggest mistakes brands make when creating content is focusing heavily on the brand itself. For those unfamiliar with your brand in the first place, it’s unlikely that a blog post all about why your product is amazing will resonate with them in any real, actionable way. With audience personas driving your content efforts, it’ll become second nature to create from the viewpoint of those most likely to consume.

If your content marketing team is currently finding itself grappling with any of the above, you’re certainly not alone. Restructure your approach with the help of experts that know this content game best. Contact PowerPost today for your free content consultation!

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