[PRESS] PowerPost Advocates for Brand Journalism in Today’s Digital Marketing World

PowerPost, an innovative social media marketing agency, is reducing the costs and risks of content marketing through their online software that automates content distribution to generate leads for their clients.

PowerPost’s services allow clients to quickly post targeted content across popular channels. Brands can use PowerPost’s software tools and write their own content, or they can have PowerPost create it for them.

“We call it PowerPublishing. It’s a next-generation content automation tool. It’s supplemented by a service component that’s very unique,” said Dan Curran, PowerPost Founder and President. “This service component right now is almost 40 journalists that are on staff and designers that help tell brand stories.”

Curran said that PowerPost is sourcing their talent base from several large journalism schools.

“We’re truly a brand journalism platform with real award-winning journalists that are joining our staff,” said Curran.

PowerPost focuses on the concept of brand journalism, utilizing journalists as content creators and creating automated content with their software. Curran said the goal is to create highly personalized content to meet consumers on their terms.

“The problem I wanted to solve was for brands to be advocates for themselves, to become better storytellers and in turn, that will endear them to grow their audience and drive bottom line results,” said Curran.

Curran has owned several digital advertising agencies and recently sold a large one in 2015. He has used his 15 years of experience and knowledge of the industry to create a company that is disrupting traditional digital marketing and improving what he saw as a disappointing ROI in existing digital marketing technology and media.

“It’s really simple. It’s brand advocacy, brand journalism, but we wanted to automate the process […] and increase the intelligence aspect of it,” said Curran. “It actually is an anti-ad agency tool. Traditional digital advertising tactics are extremely inefficient and brands need to advocate for themselves. That’s the genesis of PowerPost.”

Launched in October of 2016, the company already has over 300 clients from across the U.S. and Canada. Curran said the company is on track to hit 1000 clients by the end of the year.

PowerPost is headquartered out of St. Louis with an office in Chicago. Curran and Paul Shirer, Partner and CFO, launched PowerPost around the same time that Curran entered Pipeline’s entrepreneurial fellowship program.

“In the short time I’ve been with Pipeline, it’s been an amazing accelerant for our growth and the access to advisors and thought leaders is unparalleled,” said Curran. “It’s added tremendous value to myself and my company.”

PowerPost recently closed on $2M in funding with Arsenal Capital Management in St. Louis and is aiming for an a-round of funding in spring 2018. There are also plans to announce an acquisition before the end of 2017 that will help double the size of PowerPost.

The company has also caught the attention of influential tech blog Inc. who placed them at the top of their list of 9 Tools to Simplify and Automate Social Media.

“We’re growing at a really healthy clip right now. These type of accolades are very much appreciated and validate our hypothesis […] that brands should become journalists, publishers and media companies,” said Curran. “That’s really what PowerPost is all about––this brazen advocacy for brand journalism.”

This press release also appeared in Silicon Prairie News.

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