How PowerPost 2.0 Benefits the Whole Team

PowerPost 2.0 Benefits


A strong team works as one, with the same goals, but it is made up of individual role players. For things to go smoothly, those individuals need the tools necessary to get things done.

PowerPost 2.0 is debuting new tools essential for your team to create and distribute high-quality content. Our new features offer something for everyone. See what we can do for you!

For the Creative:

No one likes the technical headaches that get in the way of creativity. Writing and designing are second nature to you, so we’ve made the whole process that intuitive with our new blogging features.

Now you can write, format and publish WordPress posts and instantly send them to your social media channels. It’s also easier than ever to embed various media, like YouTube, into blog posts.

For the Planner:

Good planning requires setting specific, measurable goals and taking steps to achieve those goals. Our analytics features provide visually appealing statistics that break things down to a granular level.

You’ll have all the data you need to craft a killer social media strategy and implement it seamlessly.

For the Organizer:

You won’t believe how many features PowerPost 2.0 has for organizers! The new Content Hub offers more efficient management of videos, images, links, RSS feeds and more. And we all know efficiency is the key to great organization.

With a focus on multi-brand functionality, you can manage multiple clients with one account. Everything you need is one place, doing away with the need to keep track of numerous management systems.

You’ll be able to select sub-brands and create specialized teams, which will eliminate embarrassing content mix-ups and errant posts. Plus, those teams will get to take advantage of comprehensive workflow tools that let them organize, comment and click-drag content during the creative process.

But that’s not all.

Social media schedules are simplified with the Power Editor. Change your messages on the fly to reach different audiences and vary posting times by platform. You can save up to 20 hours a month—almost an entire day—by utilizing the Power Editor to post across major platforms at once.

For the Decider:

The new workflow tools are also useful for the content managers and editors on your team—the deciders.

With board and calendar views, you can simplify the development of ongoing projects. Writers and designers easily collaborate at the draft stage and send content to the review stage. The deciders can edit or approve with ease.

You can optimize every single piece of content produced and stay in the loop. Nothing will get past you without your approval!


What features are you excited about? Comment below!


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