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10 Visual Content Types for Any Brand

The technological boom in the recent past has completely changed the way people consume information. The instantaneous nature of the internet is so impactful that studies suggest it has changed human psychology by shortening our attention spans and negatively affecting our memory capacity. As the way we consume and process information [...]

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Create Content That Outranks the Competition with Content Intelligence

Brands, influencers, businesses, you name it—everyone that is contributing information online is in an arms race for who can create the best, most relevant and most engaging content. Given that information on the web is virtually infinite and content is continuously being added, it’s easy for any particular piece to get lost. [...]

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6 Content Intelligence Tools to Step Up Your Content Game

Don’t fool yourselves, marketers. We might not be out there going hard in the paint (Go Warriors), but content marketing is a competitive activity. To get your brand to stand out, you need to harness all of your resources. This is where content intelligence comes to the rescue! Content intelligence tools help run [...]

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Top Healthcare Marketing Trends

Marketing trends take off across different industries at different times. What might have been something quickly adopted by those in B2C businesses, like a clothing retailer or fast casual dining spot, might prove slower to [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Gating Content

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It’s often assumed that the foundation of any good content marketing plan lies in the content itself. The quality, the alignment with audience interest, the development of brand narrative; all of these components certainly play [...]