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6 Examples of Compelling Brand Stories

In a world of constant stimulation, countless choices and relentless pressure to buy, how do brands make a name for themselves? Is it possible to do this while making a positive impact in the world? The answer increasingly appears to be in cultivating an interesting brand story. From cave paintings of 35,000 [...]

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18 Review Sites Your Company Should Be Monitoring

It’s no secret that customer reviews are invaluable to a business. Consumers have grown more distrustful of businesses and are relying heavily on recommendations from family, friends and internet communities. This makes customer reviews one of the most important methods of advertising. According to a study conducted by BrightLocal, positive customer [...]

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How to Use Customer Review Sites for Better Content

There’s an old internet adage that says, “Never read the comments.” This might be good advice for inflammatory political op-eds or your Youtube channel devoted to celebrity impressions. But in truth, businesses and brands can’t afford to ignore what’s being said online. Why do customer review sites matter? As counterintuitive as [...]

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