Meet Sam — Product Manager and OG Myspace Advocate

Name: Sam Heaton

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

College: Lindenwood University

What’s your official position at PowerPost, and how long have you been working here?

I am a Product Manager with an emphasis on intelligence. I started as an intern last May and I’ve been a full-time employee for three months now.

What department are you in?

I float between the Product Team and Client Success Department.

How do these departments tie in to the overall success of the company?

The Product Team is essential to bringing the best possible tool to the market and to our clients. We’re always working very hard on updates, new features and bug fixes. The Client Success Department works daily with our wide variety of clients, making sure all their needs, and more, are met.

What first attracted you to PowerPost?

I was attracted to PowerPost by their data-driven approach to content marketing and the family atmosphere of the office. Long gone are the days of reactive marketing, and PowerPost is leading the way in proactive content marketing.

What is something you’ve learned or gotten better at since working at PowerPost?

I’ve gotten better at understanding client needs and helping to provide a unique content strategy for each client.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is working as a team to help our clients meet their goals.

What’s your favorite part of the company culture and office space?

My favorite part is the in-office family atmosphere. Everyone is awesome to be around and super helpful. The open office structure allows everyone to connect and work together on a moments notice, which I think helps to build friendships that extend out of the office.

What is a SaaS company and how is it unique?

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service.” SaaS companies are unique because they’re an Internet-based product that’s provided by a subscription, as opposed to an actual in-hand product being sold.

Can you describe why UX and UI are so important when building a product?

UX is the User Experience, and it’s important because it’s the way a user interacts with the product. Poor user experience can lead to lost revenue for your product or service. UI, or User Interface, is the presentation and visual aspect of the product. This dictates the ease of navigation and engagement.

Can you describe your favorite feature of the PowerPost tool?

My favorite feature is our tool’s Content Intelligence capability that monitors real-time content performance between our brands and their competitors. It helps create content strategies on the fly, which is so valuable in today’s content market.

Where do you think the future of brand publishing is headed in the next year?

Content marketing, in the past, focused on getting as much content as possible out to the audience, with less concentration on quality. I believe in the next year, the focus of brand publishing will be on producing high-quality, long-form content that solidifies a brand as an industry-leading voice. The next year of brand publishing is going to show why quality always trumps quantity.

What is your favorite current (or dead) social media platform?

My favorite “dead” social media platform is without a doubt Myspace. I loved Myspace because it made you a coder in your own right from an early age, and it was music emphasized. So, I loved Myspace.

Do you run on Dunkin’ or shine with Starbucks?

I definitely shine with Starbucks—I prefer the blonde blend.

On Friday night we can find you: _____________.

*Laughs* Um… you can find me… Dude, I don’t know! Going to Westport Social.

Would you rather have to see a 20 sec YouTube ad before everything you watch or be limited to 50 characters on Twitter?

I would rather be limited to 50 characters on Twitter. I think it brings out personality and makes you really have to be selective with your word choice.

Finish this sentence: My ultimate “get-stuff-done” playlist is called _____________.

My ultimate “get-stuff-done” playlist is called… Well, I love listening to podcasts. The Joe Rogan Experience is probably my favorite.

To take a break from your usual musical routine, listen to Sam’s favorite podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience. *Disclaimer: The episodes can be highly-addictive.

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