Meet Michael — Senior Client Success Manager and Fútbol Fanatic

Name: Michael

Hometown: Chicago, IL

College: University of Missouri

What’s your official position at PowerPost, and how long have you been working here?

I’m a Senior Client Success Manager (CSM), and I’ve been doing this for about five years in total—with PowerPost specifically, a little over a year now.

How do you think your CSM work ties into the overall success of the company?

Well, it’s the CSM’s job to make sure the client is happy with the overall work we’re doing for their brand, so I’d say our jobs are an essential component to PowerPost’s overall success. If the client is happy, that can lead to potential upsells or new business referrals, which is always positive for the team.

What does a typical week for a CSM look like?

Oh, boy. The first half is going over a lot of emails I might have received over the weekend and attending recurring meetings. As the week progresses, it’s a lot of communicating with the content strategists and designers to get updates on project deliverables.

If you could have any brand as a client, who would you choose to work with?

Definitely Adidas—the soccer branch specifically. I’m a huge soccer fan, so in general, it would be awesome, but they’re really out in the field working with creators and challenging other brands on what good content is. I’d love to be a part of that thought process.

Where do you think the future of content marketing is headed in the next year?

I think we’re definitely going to continue to see influencer marketing. What a brand lacks, an influencer can help make up for and really push out authentic messaging. That, and the use of content intelligence (I think) will really begin to increase.

Can you give an example of something you see brands do in their content that makes you cringe, and why?

Ahh, using obvious stock photography. I understand why most brands do it, but it really lacks authenticity. It’s an investment to create your own original content with original imagery, I get that. But it’s a solid investment that’s going to determine how successful your brand will be in the long run.

Can you describe what a successful client-CSM relationship looks like, and provide an example of a small win?

A successful client-CSM relationship would include open and honest communication on both sides. The CSM should have the client’s best interest at heart, which sometimes means speaking up and making a counter recommendation. On the same hand, the client should feel comfortable giving the CSM constructive criticism on completed projects. It’s the only way to grow and move forward in the relationship.

A small win would probably be for one of my clients who has been trying to expand their network and recruit employees. In this client’s specific industry, people are pretty set with the agency they currently work for so it’s not an easy task. However, through a really solid marketing campaign led by PowerPost’s marketing team, we’ve been able to help them get quite a few new employees and move the needle.

What’s your favorite part about being a CSM?

I love being able to work with people and keeping an eye on the bigger picture for clients.

What was your first screen name?

Oh god, this is back in the AOL/AIM days… I think it was like “soccerkicker” or “soccerskater8,” something stupid like that.

If you could join any soccer league, what would it be?

If I could play in any soccer league around the world it would probably be the German Bundesliga. I have German roots so I always follow that league.

If you won backstage passes at a concert, who would they be for?

Right now, it would probably be for The Roots or Anderson .Paak. But if we’re going back to 2008 it would definitely be Kanye.

Funniest thing you retweeted?

It was probably a meme or gladiator gif that said, “Are you not entertained?” It was during the World Cup. I’m not sure what game it was in reference to though so I guess it’s not that funny without context.

Favorite lunch spot to spark your creative energy?

I’m a big fan of Dos Toros or Poké. I love Poké. I could get that anytime.

Finish this sentence: My ultimate “get-stuff-done” playlist is called _____________.

Hans Zimmer. That dude can make a great soundtrack. Put ‘em all together in one playlist and keep it on repeat.

Listen to Michael’s playlist: Hans Zimmer. *Disclaimer: It’s an instrumental lover’s dream.

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