Meet Claire — Client Success Manager and Overalls Enthusiast

Name: Claire

Hometown: St. Louis

College: University of Dayton

What’s your official position at PowerPost, and how long have you been working here?

I am a Client Success Manager, and I’ve been at PowerPost for a year and a half.

What department are you in?

I am in the Client Success Department.

What first attracted you to PowerPost?

I loved the idea of being a part of a startup and witnessing its growth and success firsthand. It has been amazing watching PowerPost grow and evolve over the past year and knowing I’ve been a part of that.

What is something you’ve learned or gotten better at since working at PowerPost?

I definitely learned and got better at communicating, especially with my clients. The ability to communicate effectively with clients is an art form within itself and can make or break that relationship.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of being a CSM is completing a new project for a client and seeing how happy they are when it is successful. Knowing how hard everyone on the team worked to make the project come to life makes it that much more exciting.

What’s your favorite part of the company culture and office space?

The STL team just moved to a new office space about a month ago, and I love the openness of it. I also love the collaborative nature of PowerPost. Everyone works together very well and are always willing to help, which makes coming to work everyday fun.

Can you describe your role at PowerPost and discuss how important it is?

As a CSM, you are the main point between the client and the PowerPost team. It’s important because I am personally responsible for making sure projects are completed on time and for keeping the client happy.

What are two key challenges to project management, and how can they be tackled effectively?

One of the biggest challenges is keeping track of PowerPost’s 50+ clients. Things, like emails and tasks, can easily fall through the cracks, so it’s critical that I make sure to account for everything. Another challenge is communication. With different team members working on various projects, it’s difficult to keep track of who is working on what. Over-communicating is vital to the success of not only our team but to the success of our clients, too.

What are some tactics you currently employ to ensure deadlines are being met?

The first tab I open when I get to the office is our content schedule. That way I know what is due for the week and who is accountable. If something comes up, I’m able to decide what can be moved around and help make sure everything stays on schedule while accommodating last-minute needs.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Oh…my favorite cartoon growing up? Probably SpongeBob. It’s a classic.

Favorite ‘90s trend that you wish would come back?

I was five…in the ’90s…So, I’m trying to think of what I wore when I was five that could come back. Probably overalls. Those are just a true comfort.

Name or describe your last awkward encounter or moment.

The last one I can think of—I don’t remember who it was—they were going to hand me something and they had it in their fist. I went for a fist-bump, and they had to physically take my hand and put it under theirs so they could hand me what they were giving me…

What’s a song that you listen to that you don’t tell your friends that you love?

I don’t think any. My friends and I all listen to the same music, and we all share playlists, so I don’t think I could keep a secret from them if I tried.

Finish this sentence: My ultimate “get-stuff-done” playlist is called _____________.

Um… I really like the Spotify created playlists. There’s one called “Guilty Pleasures” that has some really good “bops” from the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s that, you know, just really get me going. But, I’m going to go with the “All Out 00s” Spotify playlist.

Listen to Claire’s playlist choice: All Out 00s. *Disclaimer: This is a playlist full of “bops.”

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