Instagram Expands API Metric Features

New Instagram API Features

To the frustration of brands and marketers everywhere, Instagram users have been subject to strict terms and conditions regarding the app’s API (application programming interface) platform. Change is coming, though.

Instagram announced that new features are being added to, “…Support the evolving needs of businesses and help them manage their organic presence more effectively by upgrading to Facebook’s Graph API.”

New Instagram metrics

Better Performance

Previously, businesses had to view metrics via insights on the app. Now they will have the ability access enhanced metrics and insights on the new API platform. Instagram said this will benefit businesses by better tracking the performance of organic content on third party tools.

Facebook has detailed several useful updates to their Graph API. They include:

  • Access to data from 140 million places in the world.
  • More engagement metrics for any URL.
  • Video API with endpoints for cross-posted videos.
  • Updates to Webhooks, Facebook’s subscription-based push service for apps.
  • A new API endpoint designed to smoothly connect a Facebook customer from a brand’s app to their Messenger Bot.
  • Read-After-Write API call support.
  • Updated Page insights endpoint.
  • Several features to leverage the power of the Marketing API.

To access the updated Instagram API features, a business profile is required. Additionally, a Facebook Login is needed to use third party tools with the new API. Businesses will also be able to continue using other existing API tools. However, they won’t be able to access any of the new features.

New Instagram metrics

Comment Moderation

The update also includes new functionality for comment moderation. Businesses will have the ability to hide comments and toggle them on and off. Instagram said this provides “additional flexibility” regarding organic content and furthers their commitment to creating a “safe place for self-expression.” This feature complements another new update, a system that automatically detects offensive and harassing comments.

The new API platform is currently available to all Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Marketing Partners. It will be available broadly “in the coming weeks.”

Read the announcement here.

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