Inside LinkedIn’s Company Pages Playbook

When’s the last time you physically opened a phonebook? Go ahead and think about it, we’ll wait.

Just a guess, but it wasn’t recently. You were probably still using a flip phone and dialing up on 56K. That is, if you can even remember the last time you browsed through one of those yellow-paged behemoths.

Today, people make decisions on the fly and turn to the Internet for what they need. When you need information about a company or potential employer, a business website is likely your first stop. However, LinkedIn makes a valid point, your digital strategy shouldn’t be limited to that. They write:

“There are over 13 million Company Pages on LinkedIn. If yours isn’t not one of them, you’re missing opportunities to get your content in front of the audience that matters most to your business.”

In an effort to see brands improve their digital presence, LinkedIn is offering a Company Pages Playbook. Ideally, it will help you leverage higher visibility and improve search results.

We took a look to see what plays you should be running!


Maybe you’re only familiar with LinkedIn as the place where you get connection requests from college classmates you haven’t talked to in six years. Don’t worry! For the uninitiated, they offer an introduction to Company Pages.

LinkedIn says your Company Page is a first impression. It’s one of the first things LinkedIn members see when they want to research your company. Therefore, it’s a place to “attract and interact with your target audience.”

From a broad perspective, they suggest featuring relevant content, an eBook for example, to foster engagement. Showcasing the workplace culture is also important. Let people see what life is like at your company.

The Playbook also offers some basic how-tos and the ins-and-outs of setting up a Company Page. What’s really of interest, though, are some of the lesser known features and advice regarding Company Pages.

Showcase Pages

The Playbook shines a light on Showcase Pages, which is a feature many business could take advantage of, but don’t. These Pages are linked to your Company Page and let you promote individual business lines, products, brands or initiatives.

In short, you can segment your audience to deliver specific messages and highlight different voices within the organization.

To make Showcase Pages more effective, LinkedIn makes three suggestions:

  • Use keywords in page names so they are easy to find via search
  • Add a LinkedIn follow button to website pages that correspond to Showcase Pages
  • Cross-promote with your Company Page

Anatomy of a Company Update

Obviously, you should be sharing updates about your business, but there’s an effective way to do it. The Playbook breaks it down.

Short and Sweet

First, keep it short.

You only have so long before your followers get bored and move on to something else. Ideally, deliver your message in 150 characters or less. There’s also no need to be cryptic or coy. Tell your followers what the issue is. The Playbook also suggests stirring opinions (and engagement) by asking a pointed, thought-provoking question.

If done correctly, your followers will immediately grasp the subject, who should click and what to expect.

The 4-1-1

Next, follow the 4-1-1 rule. It’s a concept that says for every piece of content you share about your business, share one third-party update and four third-party pieces of content.

Get it?

It keeps your Page from getting a little too self-centered while also making it an industry resource.

Start Tracking

The Playbook notes that Company Pages come equipped with their own analytics, and more data is never a bad thing.

Add tracking codes to the end of your links so you can analyze the traffic. You’ll be able to see which updates are driving the most traffic to your site. From there, you can adjust your strategy as needed.

How to Increase Content Engagement

One of the main benefits of social platforms is engagement with your audience. Obviously, no one likes shouting into the void, so increase your engagement by focusing on your content. Here’s what the Playbook says you should be doing.

What to Share

Here’s a helpful list of effective content to share. It includes:

  • eBooks, SlideShares, Infographics and YouTube videos
  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Third-party industry articles and reports
  • Helpful how-to content
  • Vivid visuals (Visual is the new headline!)
  • Serial, themed posts (For example, #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom)

Get the most mileage you can out of that content by pinning the most popular pieces to the top of your Page’s Recent Updates section.

Vivid Visuals

Compelling visuals are a useful entry point to your content. The Playbook makes several suggestions about how to use them effectively on your Page.

Use custom (i.e. non-stock images) when possible, and remember to size them appropriately. The recommended size is 1,2000X627 for Sponsored Content and organic updates.

Sometimes things like banner images become afterthoughts. Don’t let it, though! Take the time to create an eye-catching banner image for your Page. You can even use it as an opportunity to highlight different company teams, promote upcoming events or announce season campaigns.

Don’t let it get stale, either! Update it, at the very least, every six months.

Hit the Target

Lastly, remember that LinkedIn allows you to target your updates. You can target a very specific audience with followers’ profile data including company size, industry, function, seniority, geography and language preference.

Once you’ve chosen your desired settings, the targeting tool will visualize the total estimated audience based on those settings.

The Last Word

Professionals in all fields come to LinkedIn to connect with brands and expand their professional network. You can, and should, take advantage of that with your Company Page. Provide useful and engaging content, and you’ll be on your way to reaching a wider audience.

You can get the full Playbook here.

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