Four Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Evolving the Content Marketing Landscape

Whether you’re an active content marketer or a team seeking to embrace content marketing in the near future, consider all that goes into making a strategic program successful.

There’s the preliminary audience research, development of personas and understanding the pain points your brand can solve for potential customers scouring the web. Then, you have to map out your buyer’s journey as a means of designing high-conversion experiences.

There’s the keywording, outreach and other technicalities surrounding SEO optimization. After that, you have to decide upon digital marketing metrics worth tracking to gauge your success. And of course, you’ll inevitably host your first editorial meeting to plan your content, assuming you have the right team in place for the size of your business.

Easy enough, right? Before those eyes gloss over, take solace knowing that technology—artificial intelligence (AI), to be specific—and its impact on the content marketing landscape is already being seen. For the sake of campaign efficiencies, AI may just become your new best friend.

Here are just a handful of ways artificial intelligence is evolving the content marketing landscape of today and tomorrow.

Automated Content Generation

AI may not replace the content writer completely, but it certainly will pick up some of the slack. When it comes to headlines, digital advertisements and even news reports, machines have already been producing this material for years now.

As these types of algorithms continue to learn and improve natural language generation, it can only be assumed that the content capable of being written will increase in complexity. This will allow writers on staff to delegate time-consuming, mundane tasks to machines, as they focus on higher level content creation. This should allow them to create more thoughtful, evocative brand narratives.

SEO Simplifications

Determining rankings, hunting down relevant keywords, incorporating backlinks and necessary metadata into a finished content product, all of these nitty-gritty content marketing landscape to-dos are time-consuming. What content AI aims to offer is freedom from tedium.

Better yet, automating these types of tasks via machines will, in theory, make for fewer mistakes and better optimization. Leveling the SEO playing field in this manner will require content marketers to spend a greater deal of time focused on quality first and foremost, if they aren’t already.

More Than a Persona

As noted by CMS Wire, 74 percent of global consumers expect companies to treat them as individuals, as opposed to members of some generalized segment (i.e. Millennial or suburban mom). The more content people are targeted with online, the savvier they become about what they choose to engage with.

Personas may still hold some relevance in the content marketing landscape of the future, but only as a very high-level understanding of what a brand’s audience could be. Integrating AI and content will provide greater visibility into the facets of who a marketing team should be targeting, thinking of them as unique individuals rather than lump sums.

Improved Customer Experience

Whether it’s the conversational nature of devices like Alexa or Siri, or online chatbots, the line between machine and human interaction will only continue to grow fuzzier. Using new channels like these for customers service may mean more complexity in your overall strategy considerations, but they will also strengthen customer relationships.

Just imagine, for example, your customers being able to continuously opt for an instant, bot-delivered answers to their questions over filling out a form. These methods will only continue to refine themselves and make steps between awareness and conversion fewer and fewer.

Don’t wait for AI solutions of tomorrow to prepare you for what could be adopted today. Contact PowerPost for a demo of AI-based content creation tools in action.

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