Four Reasons Why Content Shock is Good for Marketers

In days gone by, the Golden Era of content marketing gave brands the ability to write with average quality and rank easily. Like stock investors getting in on the ground level right before that price point soars, those who saw the opportunity early on reaped early rewards. And those who didn’t must now invest greater resources for even a taste of those early-day results.

The idea of content shock essentially comes from the realization that content marketing is not free from the laws of supply and demand. As marketers eager to jump on the content bandwagon, we outpaced in production what was actually needed from audiences in consumption across every potential distribution channel.

The cost of competing through these tactics continues to rise, leaving many businesses questioning whether to invest or throw in the towel. What they fail to weigh in the process though, is how content shock can actually be used in their favor. Here are four reasons why content shock is good for marketers.

Shines a Light on How to Better Structure Internal Resources

From freelancers to T-shaped marketers, there are a number of avenues to take when stockpiling your internal content marketing team. With the onset of content shock, consideration around skill sets needed and how to structure what resources you do have to play with takes greater precedence.

In knowing that simply churning and burning run-of-the-mill blog posts won’t be enough to help your efforts succeed, you should have a better sense of direction for what to look for in who to hire. For example, outside of good writing skills, a content creator will also need to be a talented researcher, as well as strategic in their approach to distribution.

Challenges Teams to Come Up with Better Content

The solution to oversaturation of content in your company’s areas of interest is not to create more of it. Surely that should go without saying, but just look at how many articles you have to sift through when searching for “the perfect dog bed”.

Creating better content is not about creating more of the same, but finding a new twist on what’s already been done. This might be realized through the development of content around highly niche topics, or the promoting of content through new and engaging methods. Either way, content shock forces teams to sit back down to the drawing board and truly solve for the problem, rather than feed into it.

Makes Way for Thoughtful Audience Research

Part of the reasoning for us living in this current state of content shock, lies in a general lack of knowledge — and care — for whom we’re creating for. It’s not enough to sift through the archives of competitor content and recreate material in your own brand’s voice. When doing so, you resign yourself to the fact that they must know more about your audience than you do.

Counter to this is the investment in thoughtful audience research. If you want to create for your specific audience in a way that encourages engagement, seek to gain insights into just what makes them tick. What pain points resonate with them in ways that others aren’t already solving for?

Presents a Need for Content Intelligence

As Mark Schaefer explains, developing a successful content strategy is less about the platform or how your content is packaged, as it is the assessment of information density in your industry. When the density is high for whatever subject matter you hope to create for, it won’t really matter what you create or where you post it.

You’ll need to invest in content intelligence tools to better help identify what to produce based on real-time insights. You’ll need to put a plan in place for combatting the density of what already exists with new ways of rising to the surface.

Gaining content intelligence doesn’t require technology of the future; it’s available in the here and now. See PowerPost in action and schedule a demo.

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