Five Ways User-Generated Content Can Improve SEO

The perks of user-generated content (UGC) from a content marketing perspective aren’t really up for debate. Can we all agree that customers posting positive reinforcement of your brand’s value through ratings, reviews, social media shares, etc. is an amazing thing that should never be taken for granted? Yes?


UGC converts. In fact, user-generated photos are 5x more likely to convert customers versus their non-user generated counterparts. That’s huge. And not only are the immediate effects from UGC worth chasing; consider the long-term, ongoing impact it can have on your SEO.

Why is UGC valuable?

Word-of-mouth is one of the most persuasive forms of advertising for any brand. Translate that concept to the digital realm and you essentially have user-generated content. Especially in a marketplace that has increasingly demanded authenticity from brands, having actual customers vouch for a product and/or service is incredibly valuable.

Beyond brand awareness and affinity, UGC has the ability to improve your SEO organically in a variety of ways.

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New and Relevant Content

The Google machine—RankBrain if you want to get technical—gauges your website’s validity partly based on the relevancy of the content it’s affiliated with. When your customers are regularly contributing UGC in the form of reviews and social media shares, that inevitably filters up to your brand’s overall online presence and story.

In addition, it alleviates some of the pressure on your brand to constantly insert itself into the conversation with created content. UGC becomes a supplement to further bolster the quality content you’re already sharing through your digital marketing channels.

Long-Tail Keywords

In short, long-tail keywords are low competition phrases brands can more easily attempt to rank for. They cater to the idea that when consumers conduct searches on Google, they’re often doing so by asking a question rather than plugging in one or two simple words.

When your audiences produce UGC, they’re likely also providing insight into pain points or positive attributes that translate into the types of long tail keywords you can optimize original content for.

Increase in Social Engagement

As a social media marketer, there’s nothing better to break up that calendar packed with stock photography than a healthy supply of UGC. Not only does it make your social presence seem more appealing and believable, it increases overall engagement.

When individuals post content on behalf of your brand, they’re most likely inadvertently driving traffic to your brand’s digital assets. This increase in engagement on social and eventually on your website gives Google more to work with when judging your content validity.


While images aren’t often touted as a huge driver behind improving site visibility and rankings, they do serve a purpose. Consider the individuals you can connect with through Google image searches for example. As customers create imagery affiliated with your brand, you increase the likelihood of surfacing specific product and/or social media pages through all forms of search.

Organically Feeds SEO Attributes

When evaluating a website, search engine algorithms use “spiders” to crawl customer products and reviews. These work in conjunction with other factors Google uses to rate a site’s reputation. Authority of the author and quality of content are aspects judged by Google that can easily be pulled from UGC created, thus improving your brand’s rankings across certain search queries.

Where do technical SEO factors and creativity collide? At the corner of quality content creation of course. Contact the team at PowerPost for a free demo and content consultation.

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