Five Brands With a Strong Tone of Voice

It’s no longer enough to rely on a logo, consistent color scheme, and a punchy slogan for brand differentiation. This isn’t to say they’re not important factors to consider, but they represent only one piece of the larger brand story. If you’re going to connect with your customers on a level that makes them want to follow you and makes them want to advocate on your behalf, then you need to say something that matters.

Naturally, saying something requires a tone of voice. Not an audible voice per se, but a characterizable perspective. If—as a brand—you embody this character that’s all your own, you strengthen your ties to your customers. You become not just a product or service, but a relatable identity for your audience. Once that is established, you need to document this tone of voice for your creatives to use as a guide.

When you think of a strong brand voice, who comes to mind? Here are a few of our favorites:

Innocent Smoothies

As a juice company, you could tweet and talk about anything and everything that relates to juice. After a while though, juice talk gets old, right?

Innocent Drinks recognizes this and takes an approach to their content that blends humor with education and a little bit of pulp. They keep their voice lighthearted, random, and a whole lot of fun to follow, whether you purchase their product or not.

Dollar Shave Club

DSC is known for their off-the-wall humor and ability to tell it like it is. They cater primarily to men with a short, sweet, and casual copy. From their social to FAQs, they maintain this distinct personality through every stage of their buyer’s journey.


If you’re a bro, you’ve most likely heard of Chubbies. Perhaps you’re even wearing a pair of their signature American flag short shorts right now. This brand knows who they are and what they stand for. This is perhaps why they define everything they believe in so openly on the home page of their website.


How do you keep a product that’s been around since 1917 fresh and relevant? If you’re MoonPie, you may not know the answer, but that doesn’t stop your brand from being a bit bonkers. The out-of-this-world sweet treat has an out-of-this-world personality with Instagrams and tweets that seem to follow no rhyme or reason. One thing is sure though when it comes to their copy, there’s never a shortage of the entertainment factor.


A casual, blasé attitude makes this apparel line seem too cool for school. Their cheekiness extends across their website and additional marketing materials, positioning their products in the light of the lifestyle their voice attempts to embody. They prove that you don’t need to be wordy to say everything you need to say; you just need to choose the right words.

Regardless of the product or service, there’s a way to establish a sense of personality in your brand’s tone of voice that helps it evolve beyond just another purchase. After all, you want your audience to find just as much value in your brand’s content as they do your product.

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