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Picture this: You’re a publisher. Depending on how you define publication in today’s digital world, it’s safe to say that just about any content creator on the internet could align themselves with this label.

In this scenario then, when pushing content through multiple distribution channels, it’s important to optimize for each platform. To make sure what you’re creating is formatted and served to audiences in a way that’ll not just get them to consume it in the first place, but continue to do so long after the click of a headline.

With this in mind, posting long-form content on any social media channel requires ample consideration of the above. And on Facebook specifically, this is where the Instant Articles feature of the Publishing Tool platform comes into play.

What are Facebook Instant Articles?

Through numerous studies, it’s been found time and time again that loading time impacts conversion. This shouldn’t be a surprise either, when considering the mere seconds people have to spare for any given publisher as they thumb through feeds online.

The minute you ask someone to navigate to a new location, you better make sure what they’re navigating to is either a) quick to appear or b) worth the inconvenience. Ideally, you want to plan for those “a” scenarios every time.

Instant Articles are found within the Facebook Publishing Tool. They essentially serve as a way for brands to serve up long-form, interactive content to their audiences without ever having to make them navigate away from the channel. This comes in especially useful when utilizing high resolution photography, video marketing or other high quality visuals to tell the full story.

Why should my business use Instant Articles on Facebook’s Publishing Tool?

Rather than simply posting a link to an article that lives on your website, there are advantages to hosting long-form content natively on Facebook’s Publishing Tool.

Let’s look at these advantages further:

    • A better customer experience: One of the biggest pros behind Instant Articles is that the use remains centralized within Facebook. Not only does this make the consumption more seamless on behalf of audiences, it also better feeds into your potential conversion rate.


  • Easily monetize off of the platform: Although there are some restrictions around where ads can be place and how often throughout the piece of content they can be surfaced, the display network offered alongside Instant Articles turns your content into dollars. Incorporate ad consideration into whatever articles you’re creating for the platform, as you further build out a promoted content strategy.
  • Make it look and feel like your brand: Unlike your Facebook Page, which is ultimately kept within the confines of Facebook’s visual scheme, Instant Articles are customizable. Within the Publishing Tool, you can change colors, fonts, embed media and more.
  • Gather insights: Just as important as the quality of the articles themselves, are the metrics that come after the fact. Through Facebook Insights, you can track the KPIs most important to your brand and make more informed decisions for future postings.


All of the above isn’t to say you have to or should make Instant Articles a part of your brand’s content strategy. In fact, as Business Insider points out, there are some publishers that prefer hosting through their own websites over hosting on Facebook. The point is to consider all possible options when developing content for your brand and embrace experimentation, especially when conversions are on the line.

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