20 Experts on Creating Quality Content

Creating Quality Content

Everyone in the marketing world knows that content is king. There should be a qualifier, though.

Actually, quality content is king. You can pump out all the articles, videos and graphics you want, but it doesn’t matter if they’re not engaging.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but luckily, these industry experts have some advice. Here are 20 tips for creating useful, high-quality content!

1. Evidence

“Attribution from reliable sources, quantifiable evidence, unique perspectives, and exclusive/unique points of view are the characteristics of quality content.”

Dan Curran, CEO, PowerPost

2. Balance

“It’s about finding the right balance of providing quality content through the various mediums and touch points with prospects and customers in the right amount. Since the content should always be of high quality and relevance to the user, it’s more about finding the right moment to become successful.”

Yuval Dvir, Head of Online Partnerships, Google Cloud

3. Educate

“Creating good content is about educating your users on subjects they actually care about, rather than always trying to sell them something.”

Lauren Moon, Content Manager, Trello

4. Connect

“Actually talk to your customers. Use the language that they use. Talk about the things they talk about. Never feed salad to a lion.”

Jay Acunzo, Vice President, NextView

5. Cultural Relevance

“Good content is relevant to your target audience. Great content also offers a level of cultural relevance. Why? Culture contains the ideas, convictions, beliefs, and implicit theories of the world we live in. Culture is what ultimately drives us and our decision-making process. Thus, letting your content speak through a filter of cultural relevance will make it a lot more likely to resonate and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your target audience.”

Frank Thomas, Director of Content Strategy and Content Marketing, Adidas

6. Presentation

“The quality of presentation matters. If you’re going to do text content, make sure it’s not just a block of text, but make it scannable and attractive.”

Jen Van Iderstyne, Senior Strategist, Overit

7. Personality

“If you can take your personality and inject it into the message you share, you’ll be one step ahead in the content marketing game.”

Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn

8. Why?

“The reason we struggle with content marketing is because we haven’t started with ‘Why?’ Customers don’t care about your vanity metrics. Ask them, ‘How can I help?’”

Kristina Halvorson, CEO and Founder, Brain Traffic

9. Think Visually

“People get more engaged with video, imagery and interactive content than text, so you need to have a mix.”

Ian Cleary, Founder, RazorSocial

10. Act

“Quality content converts. It gets more people to subscribe to your blog, generates more downloads, and creates more leads for your business. Track the results of your content – stack pieces next to each other against your metrics. You’ll see patterns emerge of the assets that lead to the most conversions, and then you can make more content like it.”

Heather Hurst, Director of Corporate Marketing, Workfront

11. Empathy

“A good content marketer can empathize with their audience and can therefore understand what topics they should create content on, what tone of voice to use, and what channels to promote the content in.”

Pawan Deshpande, CEO, Curata

12. Reuse

“Repurpose your content because what may start out as an ‘ok’ ebook may end up doing better for lead-gen as a SlideShare, blog post or webinar.”

Christine White, Co-Marketing Manager, HubSpot

13. Science and Art

“On the science side, the content meets the intent of a consumer, and that’s indicated and measured by engagement with the content. On the art side, the content has an aesthetic and style that meets the taste of a consumer. This is harder to measure but as important.”

Paolo Mottola, Managing Editor, REI Co-op

14. Stories

“At the strategy level, marketers are the keepers of the brand and the stories of the organization. Leaders of the marketing organization should be infusing the organization’s stories into each piece of content.”

Nancy Duarte, Principal, Duarte, Inc.

15. Search

“Perform you own searches, read the top posts and identify the holes in their content. You’d be surprised how much great content can be created simply by seeing where the top-ranking posts are falling short.”

Evan LePage, Content Marketer, Hootsuite

16. Be Concise

“Quality content is original, maybe even counterintuitive. Quality content is detailed and covers the topic from many angles. But it’s tight. Not a word is wasted. And it’s often highly visual and easy to consume. There is no guarantee, but if you go beyond what your audience expects, you’re on the right track. Look for clues in your data.”

Andy Crestodina, Founder, Orbit Media

17. Diversify

“The easiest way to turn off your community members is to broadcast the same message across multiple channels. Instead, determine the kind of content that interests the members of your community in a way that is useful to them.”

Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute

18. Show

“Back up you points with concrete examples in the form of images links to articles and case studies. This classic writing rule rings true: show, don’t tell.”

Sara McGuire, Creative Content Specialist, Venngage

19. Conversation

“Content marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

David Beebe, Vice President, global creative + content marketing, Marriott International

20. Be Critical

“Marketers need to get stingier about what qualifies as an insight versus what’s just plain old information. An insight will register as unexpected. It will destabilize a prospect’s understanding of their world, making them rethink how they’re doing things today. Information, on the other hand, simply confirms already established or already inferable truths – what I call “true but useless” information.”

Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer, Corporate Visions


There you have it! Get more inspiration, here or here!

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