Eight Free Methods to Get Audience Insights

Building your brand’s content strategy can be daunting. Trust us, we get it. Aside from the format, subject matter, voice and all other creative qualities related to the content itself, you need to understand the audience(s) that will be consuming it.

Who are the readers of your blog posts? The viewers of your YouTube videos? The like-ers of your Facebook posts? And more importantly, how can you track the ways in which they interact with your content over time?

Well, if audience insights are what you’re after, audience insights are what you’ve found. Or at least, a list of free tools for measuring them.

Google Analytics

A somewhat obvious choice, GA is a free tool for tracking and reporting on website traffic. With regard to your brand’s content marketing efforts, it’ll be worth zeroing in on the engagement and performance of specific webpages your content is either pointing to or lives on. Additionally, you can dig into the sources driving visitors to different pages of your site, their geographic location and many other data points.

Facebook Audience Insights

For content that your brand is distributing on Facebook, the platform’s native Audience Insights tool is capable of highlighting an array of engaged audience details. These include age, gender, lifestyle, relationship status and occupation-based demographics.

Facebook Audience Insights Image

YouTube Analytics

If you’re producing content for video channels like YouTube, digging into aspects like average watch time, the number of views, retention rate, minutes watched, etc. will help drive the creation of future videos. The audience insight information YouTube Analytics provides, such as gender, location and age, will also help you better understand who your content is resonating with.

Twitter Audience Insights

Similar to Facebook’s, Twitter for Business also offers an Audience Insights report. Found via the Analytics tab, the insights dashboard provides a glimpse in real-time of relevant potential followers, current followers and users that have engaged with your content.

Twitter Audience Insights Image


A follower on Twitter is just a handle until you uncover the full picture. Followerwonk is an analytics tool for digging deeper into your Twitter following. It allows you to break down followers by influence, bio, location, the number of tweets produced and more. You can also compare followers across other brand accounts to determine overlap.


It seems influence is the name of the game these days. Luckily, Klout is a tool that helps you put some context on what that means in relation to your brand’s audience. Divvying out a score out of 100, it helps you identify and categorize potential influencers across your audience based on any number of topics.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a popular tool for tracking conversations in real-time across multiple social media streams. These conversations can be narrowed down to focus in on mentions of your brand, a specific hashtag, relevant keywords and more. They also provide a dashboard for understanding sentiment, high performing keywords, most active users and more across your specific audience(s).

Your audience is out there. And more importantly, the tools for better understanding them are as well. With insights in hand, let the content creation begin. Contact PowerPost today for your free demo of our PowerIQ tool and a content consultation.

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