[UPDATE] Inside Facebook’s Hidden Explore Feed

Facebook’s Explore Feed

Facebook has quietly introduced a second, some might even say secret, news feed. Dubbed the Explore Feed, it recommends videos, articles and pages based on your interests and activity on the social network. It’s available for some users on the mobile app, but it takes a little work to find.

Hard to Find

A button for the Explore Feed was previously beta tested on the home screen, but now it’s hidden in the the mobile app. It’s easy to see why people are overlooking it, but it’s certainly worth investigating.

To access it on iOS or Android, open the Facebook app and hit the menu icon (the three horizontal bars). Scroll down and there will be a rocket icon with “Explore Feed” next to it. You might have to hit “See More” at the bottom of the menu if you don’t see it initially.

Familiar but Different

You’ll be taken to a page that looks like your regular News Feed with a message, “Welcome to Explore Feed: Top posts for you, from across Facebook.” It’s populated with personalized content from Facebook Pages you haven’t liked or followed yet.

The pictures, videos and articles come from Pages closely related to Pages you’ve already liked. The idea is to introduce you to things you’ll probably like, but might have missed otherwise. Some have compared it to Instagram’s Explore feature. Overall, the recommendations for PowerPosters in the office were pretty targeted—with a few misses mixed in, as well.

This feature feels like a natural extension of a social network that already tracks your interests and tastes. It also looks like an effort to continue pushing video content and to increase time spent in the app. That being said, it could still be beneficial to brands and influencers.

A New Audience

The Discover Feed offers a simple way for brands to find new audience members. It’s an opportunity to buck Facebook’s algorithm and be seen by fresh eyes, which theoretically makes it easier to be discovered.

It’s not as simple as sitting back and watching the likes roll in, though. You still need to create quality content and post on a regular basis to have a shot at getting in front of Facebook users.

At this time, the Explore Feed hasn’t been introduced on desktop, and Facebook hasn’t said whether there are any plans to do so.


Have you used the Explore Feed? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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