How Customer Experience Affects the Bottom Line

Welcome to the “Engagement Economy”

In a world whose economy is dependent on commerce, one of the main factors that keep a company afloat is the way it manages its customer service. Especially when offering a service, knowing the wants and needs of a customer and keeping a transparent understanding of expectations between company and client is KEY.

As we all know, today’s society is highly dependent on technology and social media; leading consumers to be more informed, more tech savvy and more focused on experiences with a company from start to finish. Marketo, a marketing technology company, recently released an article calling our newest generation an “Engagement Economy.” This economy is solely focused on consumers wanting a company to know them; knowing their needs, knowing their wants and knowing how to interact with them during the entire customer lifecycle. Fortunately for you, I happen to know the secret ingredient that keeps a customer attracted to a company (shout out to Miami University – rise up, Redhawks!). It’s not about the good ole game of chase anymore; it’s all about transparency.

What Is Transparency?

The art of transparency is focused on maintaining the same level of understanding for both a company and its client’s expectations during an entire customer lifecycle.

Transparency goes far beyond traditional communication, and it takes a lot of TLC to maintain effective transparency for all persons. Not only does a company need to understand the wants and needs of the consumer, but the transparency of communication between employees within a company is just as crucial.

As a project manager, I have come to learn that every person is different in the way they communicate, learn, interpret and work. Long live individuality! With this being said, in order to reach that magical level of understandable communication, you have to put in the time to get to know your fellow coworkers.

The Bottom Line?

Marketo said it best when they related customer experience to basketball. In order to provide the client (fans) with expected results (wins), the team has to continuously practice the game no matter the season, on and off the court. Just like basketball, a company and its employees must continuously practice its craft while understanding each other through learned transparency, ultimately delivering an expected product to a client.

This is the bottom line: know each other, talk to each other and be open to learning the transparency of others. Because not one person is the same, and neither should your product.

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