Create Successful B2B Content Experiences Like These 5 Brands

A content experience is much more than generating content. It is the whole of the environment that houses content. From creation, structuring, and engagement of businesses and clients, a content experience has many potential avenues for success.

Many factors help generate a thriving content experience. How does the content look? Is it specific and relevant for the user? Is the format actively engaging consumers? Keep these ideas in mind when curating a content experience. A helpful content experience framework to follow for creating a content experience is: Centralize Content, Organize Content, Personalize Experience, Distribute Content, and Generate Results.

An important step in this process worth highlighting is personalization of experience. Buyers live in a world saturated with services like Spotify and Netflix that cater very specifically to the consumer. B2B marketers need to rise to consumer expectations with regards to personalized marketing.

The following are specific examples of brands that have excelled in creating a thriving content experience for B2B brands.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp has created multiple content experiences that cover the fundamentals of email marketing, practical marketing tips, product guides and tutorials, success stories and product updates.

Perhaps MailChimp’s most creative branch of their content experience is their collection of original content, MailChimp Presents. This collection features podcasts, documentaries and video content all intended to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Close

Close is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management software that offers lead management, email sequences, predictive dialer, SMS, and more.

In addition, Close boasts a blog with many helpful tips on sales and daily practices for professional success. Close also has an in-depth resource section for books, templates, checklists, etc. written with salespeople and entrepreneurs in mind.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is based on a philosophy of inbound marketing. This service believes in attracting clients into a space and offering services specific to their needs, instead of wasting resources towards large audiences with no focus.

HubSpot’s longevity is largely due to its ability to create content in various formats. HubSpot has a detailed and helpful blog divided into four distinct categories; Marketing, Sales, Service and News & Trends.

HubSpot has also developed bots able to send recent articles through Slack and Messenger. Additionally, HubSpot houses an impressive resource library that includes free certification courses on marketing, research articles, and a massive variety of other media.

4. LeadPages

LeadPages makes it easy to create websites and landing pages as well as pop-up forms and header bars. LeadPages also has a blog that shares writing resources for digital marketing, landing pages, conversion rate optimization (CRO), lead generation tips and tactics.

Additionally, it houses a free training webinar geared towards educating entrepreneurs and marketers on ways to succeed in their field, a landing page guide that covers landing page fundamentals and content strategies, and a podcast on successful entrepreneurs sharing their stories called ‘The Lead Generation Podcast.’

5. Moz

Moz is a Software as a Service company with a rich content experience model. Moz’s blog covers a huge amount of ground through basic knowledge, through much more specialized blogs. It also has an online learning center based around Search Engine Optimization and a recurring ‘Whiteboard Fridays’ video series in which a presenter goes in-depth on a new topic each week.

Since B2B buyers have a longer buying cycle and consideration period than B2C, it is especially important to offer a content experience specific to the consumer.

As a B2B marketer, what are some of your biggest struggles and successes with creating content experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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