Create Content That Outranks the Competition with Content Intelligence

Brands, influencers, businesses, you name it—everyone that is contributing information online is in an arms race for who can create the best, most relevant and most engaging content. Given that information on the web is virtually infinite and content is continuously being added, it’s easy for any particular piece to get lost.

What’s a brand to do?

If you don’t want your content adding to the black hole of endless information, there are two things you can do. Make sure your content is better than any of your competition or find the white space on a topic that hasn’t been touched on before. If you’re wondering how to do either, we’ve got the solution. Enter, content intelligence.

What is Content Intelligence?

Ryan Skinner, Forrester’s Senior Analyst, defines content intelligence as “Technology that helps content understand itself.”

Does this sound like something out of a science fiction novel? You’re not far off. Some content intelligence tools are already utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to give you a full content analysis.

So thank your competitor for pushing out killer content, because it can be used to make your content even better.

Think of content intelligence as the art of using other people’s data. Instead of only tracking which posts are most popular, content intelligence technology can analyze details of content to form a more nuanced understanding of general successes in the market as well as your brand’s niche.

Content intelligence is also used to:

  • Create more targeted and resonating content
  • Understand your industry’s content/social media ecosystem
  • Engage clients and customers with timely insight
  • Benchmark content performance against competitors
  • Identify influencers and monitor your brand’s conversation

It is infinitely easier to keep track of social media engagements and their connection to the published content that originally produced them when you use special intelligence tools. Multiple technology providers have tools to track content intelligence, like BuzzSumo, Crayon and PowerPost.

These tools help collect content intelligence by:

  1. Analyzing keyword performance
  2. Display platform metrics
  3. Benchmark competitors site domains
  4. Predict upcoming viral stories

You’ll be creating effective content more quickly than ever once you know what works for your industry at large.

Creating Impactful Content

In addition to having a solid idea of your brand’s voice, you can also increase your impact by focusing on finding new angles for your content. What white space is there within your industry or within your own content?

A great way to set yourself apart from your competitors is to find the uncharted territory within a subject and address it. No brand can cater to everyone all the time. If they try to, their content will likely be vague and get lost in the mass of other similar information.

Instead of trying to cast too wide a net, consider what you can create for niche markets or underrepresented topics. A variety of specific content often garners more traffic than keeping content vague.

Using content intelligence to gauge what your competitors are producing- and not producing- will give you the perfect jumpstart to creating content that fills in the blank spaces of your market.

The Skyscraper Technique

A helpful tool with regards to achieving both higher quantity of site traffic and higher quality of specificity is the “skyscraper technique.”

This technique is largely connected to link building; the process of exchanging links with other websites to increase your own site’s backlinks and subsequent site traffic.

The skyscraper technique is broken down into three steps:

Step 1: Find link-worth content

Once you’ve found and utilized what popular search terms to use in your content, begin searching through the top results.

Step 2: Make something even better

Pick a piece of content. Is there a helpful but outdated article with a high number of backlinks? If you rewrite and update the article or add additional details, you’ve created better content with a proven online audience.

Step 3: Reach out to the right people

Those backlinks I just mentioned? Check out what websites are using the article you just improved. Reach out with a friendly email to let them know that their resource was helpful and that you have an even more relevant version they might be interested in.

Strategies in Practice

In the next few years, the buying power of the Millennial generation will surpass all other age demographics. In response, many studies have been conducted recently on Millennials as consumers. Some of the highest valued priorities for Millennial spenders are convenience and flexibility, personalized experiences and experience over items.

Forbes reports, “Millennials want a customer-centric experience in which they feel wanted and valued. Whether it is in-store or through social media channels, showing interest in these shoppers creates loyalty. In order to do this, retailers need to closely examine what they’re currently doing with customer data, and ensure this information is being utilized to deliver a more personalized in-store experience.”

A business that has done an excellent job at creatively catering to customers is athletic wear brand, Lululemon. Many Lululemon stores offer complimentary in-store fitness classes to engage with customers. This practice helps meld the tried-and-true marketing strategy of word-of-mouth with social media engagement, as customers photograph and share their experiences.

Utilizing content intelligence is the first step in finding creative marketing solutions like Lululemon. Once you’ve gathered information on what’s causing a response from your audience, you can use that to create groundbreaking content experiences for your customers!

Are you using content intelligence? Don’t wait for tomorrow! Contact PowerPost today for a demo of its AI-based content creation tools in action.

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