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One of the biggest pitfalls a marketing team can make when building out a content strategy is to underestimate the amount of time it will take to produce the final product. That piece of content your brand is counting on to drive awareness, leads and everything in between.

After all, you’re seeking quality. You’re aiming to create something specific to your audience’s interests. You’re leveraging all of those insights gained from visitor behaviors to generate touchpoints throughout their digital journeys and keep your brand top of mind.

To do all this, time will become one of your most valuable resources. From research to review, the more efficient you can be with time allotted, the more insights will be gained and the more returns will be seen in the long run. Here are some content writing tools that’ll help your team save time.


Good content starts with a good idea. And those ideas, well, they can be hard to come by sometimes. If you’re stumped from the beginning, these tools are perfect for sparking brainstorms.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

When you’re producing blog posts on the regular, it’s easy for those topics to get stale sooner rather than later. Think outside the [text] box and provide HubSpot’s Blog topic generator with three nouns for five new ideas in one click.

Blog Topic Generator Image

Google Trends

If the early stages of those content creation efforts are thin on audience insights, poll Google. Their Trends tool is a great way to get a high-level view of the pulse of what’s popular and what’s fading into the background.

Alchemy Text

With a little content AI magic, Alchemy Text uses natural language processing to analyze important takeaways, keywords, sentiment and more from a single piece of content. This takes your research capabilities to speedy new levels.


Curated content is a key element of any quality content marketing plan. With PowerIQ’s unique intelligence technology, put real-time industry trends to work. Share the content most likely to remain relevant and gain traction on behalf of your brand.


Every creative creates in their own unique way and often, on their own schedules. Cut the timing of those schedules down to better fit desired due dates with these content writing tools that save time and help with focus.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pomodoro Technique, it’s worth researching this simple productivity booster. Put it to work for your writing assignments using as your timer, and become the most productive version of yourself. Image


Some of the biggest obstacles in maintaining focus, whether writing or otherwise, are those online distractions we just can’t help but check in on. A handy dandy Chrome extension, StayFocusd is a website blocker that won’t allow you to veer off course during a designated work session.


So much research, so many tabs. Organize those references neatly into a single, organized tab and alleviate stress put on both your computer’s load time, as well as your sanity.


Once you’re ready to start rocking and rolling on the content writing itself, having a toolbox full of time-saving services to turn to will make the turnaround that much easier.

Google Docs

Rather than turning to Word for all your processing needs, consider Google Docs for easy sharing and collaboration. Not only can outside contributors assign comments and suggestions, all edits can be easily tracked and previous document versions restored with ease.


Your visitors are short on time, so give them a simple way of fitting your content into those busy schedules with Read-O-Meter. Copy and paste your copy into this tool for an estimate of the time it’ll take to read that you can then provide to readers a la platforms like Medium.

Campaign URL Builder

Save revision time by including necessary UTM codes for tracking through Google Analytics using their Campaign URL Builder. Simply plug in links included that lead back to your website, as well as Campaign Source, Medium, and Name information, generate a link and go.

Brand Newsroom

Sometimes the easiest way to save time when writing is to outsource it to someone else more familiar with the ins and outs of content creation. This is where your PowerPost Brand Journalists come into play. And with the launch of PowerIQ, you can now find the content help you need on-demand.

Brand Newsroom Image


Why waste time Googling those grammatical rules when you could have them applied to your writing in real time? Thanks to Grammarly, you can do just that. Like spell check for grammar, this tool will save time for you during, and for your editors, post creation.


With any finished content piece, comes the need for review and revisions. After all, as writers, we can’t always catch each and every mistake, regardless of how perfect we may determine a piece to be.


From vague words to sentence structure and length, ProWritingAid is a great way to check your work when everything’s said and done. And even better yet, you can try it for yourself free of charge!

At every stage of the content writing process, there are ways to churn out quality work effectively and efficiently. Do you have any must-use tools to share? Tweet us at @powerpostsocial and let us know!

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