How Content Marketers Use CRM for Data-Driven Customer Engagement

6 Ways Content Marketers Should Use CRM

Your job as a marketing professional is to sing the praises of your company from the rooftops, extolling the virtues and enticing the masses to partake in the wonders of your brand. In doing so, you employ tools that can easily be mined to generate leads that your reps can use to convert to sales. According to a recent study, 59% of marketers feel significant pressure to generate more leads for their company. White papers, blog posts, videos and other value-added content should be an avenue for users to connect — essentially they’re the first knock on the door. Here, we will discuss a few strategies connected to marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms that savvy marketers employ.

Web-to-Lead Forms

Web-to-lead forms are forms that can exist on the various pages of a company’s website that are routed to the company’s CRM software and available to your sales department for follow-up. These forms need to be inserted on the appropriate pages (i.e., feedback, contact, landing pages, etc.).

Not all CRMs are created equal. It’s important to note that not all CRM software provides the routing capability automatically. There is some setup involved to make sure that the information provided is routed to the CRM software. Once this has occurred the process of capturing web visitor and user information in real time is efficient and virtually error-free.

Compelling Landing Pages

Landing pages make great marketing tools. They can position your company as an expert in the field and educate your customers and potential customers so that you and your content become the go-to resource when the need arises. With an enticing headline and carefully crafted CTA (Call to Action), you can use your landing page to collect contact information with a web-to-lead form.

As leads are directed from your landing pages into your CRM, it becomes possible to use CRM reports to track A/B testing for landing page performance. An A/B testing exercise entails using two different versions of the same landing page and tracking which version performs better. The test results will help optimize your results and help your team devise better content strategies for future campaigns. Testing your landing page content using AB testing can increase your lead generation results by up to 40%.

Gated White Papers

Requiring viewers to register their email (at a minimum) to read a whitepaper suggests several things. It implies that the information being offered is more valuable than other online articles and makes the reader feel that they are receiving exclusive information.

It’s also a good way to sort your audience by content interest into the CRM, which is valuable information for the sales reps who can then target their pitch to meet their prospects’ needs.

The most successful strategy with gated content is known as the content pillar, where there are several smaller pieces of content supporting and driving traffic toward the larger report. Marketers who use this process see 4x leads and 3x closed deals.

Video Tutorials and Teasers

Nothing is more direct than video. Successful marketers use it to gauge reactions, tease products and generate interest.

A teaser video with supporting social media campaign across all channels has a tremendous impact on lead generation. Video allows your team real-time, interactive communication with customers and prospective customers through all social channels and its importance cannot be overlooked.

Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Video tutorials and how-to’s using screencasting techniques are also very helpful in providing value to your audience. Using video as part of a coordinated effort to obtain information is essential, and your CRM stores this information for later analysis.

Hashtag Tracking

Instagram and Twitter are useful for understanding the interests, needs and wants of your customer base.These, and other social media platforms contain useful intelligence in their comments and threads, should be mined on a daily basis to keep your content relevant, current and valuable.

However, the best way to track the success of a marketing campaign and measure your brand influence using these channels is through #hashtags. There are many CRM tools available as add-on plugins, and social CRM platforms that have advanced analytics that can tell you which of your hashtags are performing better and if there are hashtags associated with your brand that you might not be aware of.

Define Target Markets

A CRM can be a marketer’s best friend. Your software contains sophisticated customer analytic functions that can help you with market segmentation and predictive analytics.

Your marketing team will typically determine the different market segments based on factors such as geography, age, gender or industry vertical. The CRM database records their downloads, click-throughs and purchase history. With this data, you can improve – and more accurately – focus your market testing with greater segment positioning statements and marketing communication.

Adding results of testing and follow-up allows you to create more successful campaigns for future product roll-outs, better lead nurturing strategies and loyalty programs.

CRMs Drive Value for Brand Publishers

CRM systems are dynamic, highly effective platforms that, when integrated into the workflow of your marketing team, can have a significant impact on the efficacy of your sales team.

The marketing team not only outputs information regarding goods and services available but should be receiving a significant amount of feedback and intelligence from its customer base and the world of prospects as well. The more information a sales team have to work with, the better they can anticipate needs and wants and start value driven conversations that solve problems and ultimately close new business. CRM is a tool that helps promote this interplay and can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

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