Five Brand Publishers Killing the Content Game

It’s rare to find a brand that isn’t implementing a content marketing program these days. While not a new way of reaching customers, the strategy has been taken to a new level with the rise of brand publishers.

Brand publishers are companies that have built their owned media around an adherence to journalistic principles. They operate as a media company would and rely on owned properties to distribute their high-quality content. For brand publishers, it’s not about inserting product mentions at every possible turn, but dedicating themselves to the creation of useful, thoughtful and entertaining content relevant to their audiences.

The brand that often comes to mind when considering brand publishers is Red Bull, but there are other early adopters that have found success, too.

1. The Weather Channel

No longer just the go-to for daily temps and weekly forecasts, The Weather Channel has built out a site for feature-length stories with content at the core. The platform is dedicated to diving deeper into how weather impacts our lives and the things we love with storytelling on everything from hurricane aftermath to wildlife crime scene investigations. The Weather Channel even partners with other brands, such as Goose Island, to further drive home what climate means in relation to other areas of our everyday life.

2. Red Bull

With energy drinks in tow, Red Bull has dedicated itself to an audience seeking inspiration, adventure and epic thrills. This extends into their online presence with a website that has been converted to feature published stories over a product. With written features and videos on athletes, festivals, sports and more, it becomes a one-stop shop for engaging with their audience beyond that in-store purchase.

3. Adobe by Adobe is a platform geared towards educating C-level executives on marketing tips and trends. Using leaders in the sphere to help tell their stories, the site strives to put authority at the forefront by keeping the C-suite better informed and inspired. They even incorporate different mediums like podcasts for additional touchpoints.

4. American Express

More than just a credit card, American Express has tailored its messaging to connect specifically with small business owners on a deeper level. They use their OPENforum to further drive this home. Highlighting various industries with topics on everything from building a website to hiring a team, the platform is dedicated to assisting small businesses with actionable content at every stage of growth.

5. Equinox

The gym that’s carved out a space for all things luxury when it comes to fitness has done the same via their online presence, too. Furthermore by Equinox is an online publication that exudes “upscale health” down to the very last carefully-crafted photo. They break down every aspect of that specific gym mindset with well-researched subject matter around workouts, nutrition, the science of our bodies, fitness fashion and more.

From daunting to doable, make brand publishing work for your business. Download The Brand Publishing Roadmap for a 7-step guide on creating content in a way that delivers.

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