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The rise of video is growing every day and it’s become crucial for every platform to get involved in. Video has been a popular feature due to the high engagement rates from users and the high prices advertisers are willing to pay for video ads. The statistics don’t lie: 43 percent of people want to see more video content from marketers and 51.9 percent of marketing professionals say video has the best ROI.

While YouTube – followed quickly by Facebook – were the original owners of social media video content, other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram quickly caught on. Now, LinkedIn and Reddit are stepping up their game.

Reddit Rolls Out Native Video

Photo source: Reddit

Reddit has just announced a native video feature that allows users to upload 15-minute videos on desktop and mobile. Within the app, users can trim video and convert MP4 videos into GIFs. Before this update, users would upload video via Vimeo or YouTube. Now, Reddit is able to eliminate third-party competitors. With the feature, users can scroll through comments while continuing to watch the video. The network is home to over 100,000 engaged communities that will find great use for video content. It looks very promising that video ads will be coming to the platform next.

LinkedIn Video Finally Arrives

Image Source: Tech Crunch

LinkedIn has played around with video upload capabilities for a short time with select users and now has released the feature for all. The social networking site for the working world is already seeing success with the new feature, as posts with video content were shared 20x more than posts without video. In the announcement, LinkedIn says the feature will be available on both desktop and the mobile app. To post a video, click the video icon in the status update box. Users can record a video in the app or upload one from their files. Audience insights will also be available to see views, likes, and comments. Allowing video lets users showcase their talents through the and allows businesses to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their office. As for the future of LinkedIn, there are speculations that one-to-one video chats may become available for easy job interviews for recruiters and job-seeking users. The platform has recently hit 500 million members and will only continue to grow.

Snapchat’s Original Shows Success

Photo Source: Tech Crunch

Snapchat has been changing the way people get their news, especially for Millennials. NBC News has their own original channel on the platform’s Discover called “Stay Tuned”. They have partnered with Snapchat after NBC Universal invested $500 million in Snap Inc.’s IPO. The show premieres twice a day, lasting 2-3 minutes and has reached 29 million unique viewers. Over 60 percent of the audience is under the age of 25. CNN, which has a Snapchat Discover magazine feature, will soon be changing to the original channel feature to compete with NBC. Snapchat is transforming the way we view the news and it’s likely that more news channels will be paying for space on Snapchat to reach the younger generations.

YouTube Tackles News

YouTube, the platform that first conquered video, seems to be the forgotten older sibling lately. They recently launched a “Breaking News” section to filter their news channels’ most recent video content. The algorithm is similar to other apps’ recommended news feeds. The collection of news clips is also based on the user’s location. This update helps users keep up with the ever-changing news cycle. Surely, YouTube will be looking at breaking into live video, original shows, and streaming next.

Facebook’s Plan to Stay Ahead

Image Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Facebook has stayed in the game with multiple new video features. Their next challenge is to keep up with the 12-17 age range that Snapchat has captured. Facebook keeps advancing their news articles and videos, to keep up with Snapchat’s NBC and CNN channels. Facebook’s new subscriptions for Instant Articles may be straying from video, but is allowing Facebook to move deeper into news journalism.

Facebook Watch will be a new feature for original shows for users to watch and share with friends within the app and on desktop. For now, the videos are short-form content but longer TV shows and movies may be in Facebook’s future. Watch out, Netflix.

The Future of Video

With every social media platform out there turning to video, content marketers must adjust their strategies to focus on video and platforms must keep their video features up-to-date. We’re going to see more investment into live streaming, 360-degree video, and virtual reality from brands. Naturally, there’ll be more video ads as well. Video ads have proved successful for these platforms for monetization and advertisers are seeing the engagements they want.

Are you making moves towards more video content? Let us know your thoughts on the latest video trends!

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