6 Content Intelligence Tools to Step Up Your Content Game

Don’t fool yourselves, marketers. We might not be out there going hard in the paint (Go Warriors), but content marketing is a competitive activity. To get your brand to stand out, you need to harness all of your resources. This is where content intelligence comes to the rescue!

Content intelligence tools help run large-scale analyses of content to track patterns of what makes successful content. We’ve gathered up a list of our favorite content intelligence platforms to get you started.

1. Ceralytics

(Paid, but offers a free trial.)

Ceralytics, identifies their clients’ top-performing topics by giving a Current Impact (CI) score. Ceralytics displays this score as a side-by-side comparison to show what you’re posting versus what your audience is actually taking in.

Ceralytics clients are also given a Potential Impact (PI) score. This offers guidance on what to create next, like sparsely covered relevant topics. Ceralytics uses solid data to help you understand your audience’s needs and how to improve yourself in order to get there.

2. Crayon

(Free version available.)

Crayon provides paths through creative blocks via comprehensive insight on behaviors of other competing brands. The tool accomplishes this through the use of machine learning to track competitors. Crayon enables you to track the changes in a company’s website over time. This feature reveals insights about their content marketing strategy, targeting and messaging.

Once you have information on creative successes of competing brands, you’ll be able to power through your own blocks with ease. Use Crayon to search and study your top competitors or brands you admire and let the creativity flow.


(Paid, but offers free resources like eBooks and exclusive blogs.)

CONCURED utilizes artificial intelligence to show marketers exactly what subjects garner internet attention and use that to predict what should be written about next. CONCURED’s AI creates a powerful automated platform that can audit content, facilitate topic research, track performance, and more.

4. BuzzSumo

(Paid, but offers a free trial and a limited number of free monthly searches.)

BuzzSumo is a keyword-tracking tool that identifies the most shared ideas across all social networks. BuzzSumo also enables you to find social media influencers and follow them instantly within the platform. This gives you an idea of what content interests influencers and what they’re most likely to share. BuzzSumo also alerts you when a piece of content mentions your keyword or when authors you’re keeping an eye on publish something new.

5. Groovejar

(Paid, but offers a free 45-day trial.)

Groovejar is a platform made from a conglomerate of eight different apps. It’s geared towards email marketing, helping marketers increase their email capture rates on their websites. This is accomplished through customizable pop-up apps. GrooveUrgent, an app by Groovejar, is highly effective with lead generation. This is largely due to its utilization of the psychological effect of urgency.

The features on Groovejar allow you to streamline your website with an adjustable countdown timer, discount offers, or redirect users to a URL. Also optimized for mobile, Groovejar’s apps allow you to alter aesthetics, URL’s, and triggers, as you see fit.

6. PowerPost

(Paid, but offers a free trial.)

With PowerPost, brands can move from real-time trends, to fully mapping the genome of exactly what stories, writers and topics resonate with today’s consumers. PowerPost helps brands understand their audiences better, identify optimal content themes, and produce brand stories that are on-topic to maximize reach.

The PowerPost software platform features a unique intelligence tool called Ask PowerPost, so that your searches generate results across social, websites and SERPS.

Do you have a favorite content intelligence tool? Let us know in the comments!

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