Five Things That Lead to Inefficiency in Your Marketing Department

All the best tools and even the best people can’t help a marketing department plagued with ineffective processes, poor communication and ill-fitted goals. If you feel this way toward your own company’s department, you’re not alone.

According to Social Marketing Fella, 67 percent of marketers say their marketing departments are inefficient. Ready to make your marketing department run like a well-oiled machine? Avoid the following five inefficiencies:

1. Working in Silos

It’s easy for your marketing team to get hyper-focused on their projects, but the marketing team must align with other departments since everyone’s work builds toward the same, ultimate goal. Otherwise, you may find multiple departments are working on similar projects. Holding weekly meetings with other departments and asking for their feedback can ensure everyone is aligned and your marketing department isn’t just spinning its wheels.

2. Lack of Tracking

Your marketing team is sending out emails, social media posts, articles and more. But, are you reviewing the analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t? If you aren’t, chances are you’re taking a shot in the dark. Knowing what your high performing content is can help you to create more effective content that reaches more potential customers and helps minimize wasted time.

3. Working Without Automation

Is your marketing team wasting time performing any functions that can be automated? This includes things like manually posting to social media channels, pulling analytics, tracking time and lead nurturing. Research alternative solutions to help mitigate time spent on these tasks. For example, the PowerPost tool can schedule and automate your content across a variety of channels.

4. Putting Quantity First

Often, marketing departments are in charge of creating a large number of assets, social media postings, etc. While content atomization can help, it’s important to put quality before quantity. Publishing content for the sake of publishing content won’t benefit your marketing department if the quality is mediocre.

5. Not Choosing Your Social Platforms Wisely

Unless your marketing department has enough employees to manage all platforms successfully, choose only the platforms where your customers are. It’s better to be active and successful with your social media accounts than to be on all platforms and do a poor job.

To help your marketing department excel and provide proper support to your sales team, it’s important to avoid working in silos, track your stats, automate tasks when needed, place quality before quantity and choose your platforms wisely. Avoiding the five scenarios above can help your department start 2018 on an effective and positive note.

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