10 Creative Product Photography Shots for Your Inspiration

So, you’ve built this thing. It’s actually an amazing thing which stemmed from this fantastic idea you had a while ago. You labor away to bring this amazing idea to life, but now the question becomes: “How am I going to present this to the world?” The answer is product photography.

Photography can seem daunting, but with a great product, it actually couldn’t be simpler. In fact, proper image choice can go from seemingly frightening to inconsequential, depending on your experience with photography.

However, there is one golden rule that serves as the foundation on which great photos are built:

Take clean, high-resolution photos of your product.

Combine a great photo with a little creativity, and you’ll have a very dangerous combo on your hands. Besides, you’ve nurtured your idea this far, why start slacking on the presentation? You and your product deserve the best, which means you’ll need some recognition for your final product.

For example, add in a tool like PowerPost, and you can efficiently schedule out your product photography across multiple social channels! It dramatically helps you maximize your photography’s reach – who wouldn’t want that?  

Luckily for you, we’ve put together some inspiring product photography to help stir those creative juices.

This first photograph is great starting point and would be referred to by the kids these days as a “Banger.” The colors pop and make your eyes race from one to the next. Excitement level: overload.

It’s a creative idea and enhances the product, but take away the colors, and you would still have a great product photography shot. With a clean shot (there’s that golden rule again!) and great angle, the photo still makes a huge impact.

Staying in the shoe wagon for the next photo, this is an example of a lifestyle shot that showcases the item well. The shoe is the immediate focal point of the image, drawing your face closer to your screen like a tractor beam.

The added fact that the product is being shown in action, allows the viewer to “step into the shoe” and continue their own mental product photography starring themselves. This should be the goal of any product shoot and is encapsulated well here.

Moving into a slightly more exciting product, we have motorcycle product photography from WhiskeyGrade. They do a great job and never over do it; they have beautiful, straightforward photos that show off their product well.

Once again we transition with a product that shows more lifestyle. This product photography from Biltwell – while open to interpretation of how “simple” it is – still echoes the main idea for a great image. Add in the next level colors, and you have a prime example of great imagery.

Here is some wonderful product photography from the ever-stylish Milk Street. While I have no plans in the near future to actually purchase their product, I still appreciate the simple approach. I also love how it illustrates whether your product is for an infant or wild motorcyclist, the same is still true about the basics of the image.

A beautiful example of focal range – and, before you say “hey, this one is almost all blurry” – let me explain. Yes, it is blurry and doesn’t show most of the dresser, but the dresser isn’t the “product” in this shot. It’s the detail of their work which is the real focus, and they nailed it.

Speaking of furniture imagery, this shot by the Last Workshop is another great one! It nails the foundations and has an awesome color tone that resonates with their brand. A fine example of a more elegant product photograph that utilizes strong imagery without all the extra fluff.

This is an enjoyable photograph that lets Volcom show their product without really showing their product. This product photography goes back to allowing the viewer to visualize not just the product in their mind, but using it and living that type lifestyle. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that good ol’ clean fun can still go a long way.

TeamCozy is a great brand when it comes to product photography. They always have the cleanest photography and allow their photographers to show the product in bold, interesting ways that lead to beautiful things.

This last photo is a bit different. Sometimes a product is not necessarily a thing but a person. More specifically, a person’s skill can be a product, and this is a great example from Trashhand. As urban photographers go, he is one of the most followed in Chicago, and it’s not difficult to see why.

So, how inspired are you feeling right now?

Great product photography can mean a world of difference for a brand. Whether you’re a DIY’er or hiring someone, you have a wonderful product, and the world needs to see it.

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