10 Brands Using Boomerang Right

When brands look to utilize social media effectively, one of the most important guidelines is to keep their posts “short and sweet.” Long videos and copy-heavy images are much more likely to get glossed over and perceived as intrusive, inauthentic and “salesy.” But clever, concise, easily consumable content that matches your brand personality can improve consumer perception and still feel genuine.

Enter Boomerang: the Instagram app that embodies the term “short and sweet.”

Boomerang acts, as you might have guessed, like the visual version of a boomerang. It’s a very short, looped video that’s played in forward motion, then rewound to the beginning. It’s an ideal medium for video content with movement, specifically movements that appear to defy physics when played in reverse – remember how cool the video for Coldplay’s “The Scientist” was the first time you saw it?

Creating visually interesting content with Boomerang is fairly easy, as you’ll see in some of the below examples. After all, it’s tough to be boring when you only have one second to work with.

Your post is short by default, so here’s some inspiration for making it sweet:

1. Taco Bell

Tag your cheesiest friend. 🧀

A post shared by Taco Bell (@tacobell) on

If you like nachos, try not to salivate. The call-to-action to tag a “cheesy” friend is a great touch as well. Boomerang is perfect for food and drink shots, just like in this next example.

2. Ben And Jerry’s

For when you finish those tacos. #nationaltacoday #kindof 🌮🍦

A post shared by Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) on

At first, you might think that it’d be cool if the sprinkles were bigger so you could see them going backward better, but wouldn’t watching sprinkles leave ice cream make for a kind of sad sight?

3. Vans

@leilahurst cutting loose like it's Friday. 📸 @jatecson #Regram from @vanssurf

A post shared by vans (@vans) on

Hair flips in reverse, waves going backward and a whole lot of Vans’ California vibes. Vans does a great job of keeping their content personable, fun and relevant.

4. The Verge

This is an excellent example of using the medium to make the message. Rather than just stating the message “the screen detaches in one second,” The Verge makes a Boomerang of the process, which by definition is only one second.

5. Timberland

It's Friday and we've got our dancing shoes on. #madetoflex #timberland Dance Cred: @vgadson3

A post shared by Timberland (@timberland) on

The way that videos loop on Boomerang makes dancers look like they’re showing up Michael Jackson. And of course, they’re doing so in their brand-new Timberlands.  Speaking of dancing…

6. Purina

Office dog Lenny's pulling out all the tricks for #Boomerang's arrival! #OneTwoStep

A post shared by Purina (@purina) on

The only thing better than dancing videos are dog dancing videos.

7. Gold’s Gym

The only thing better than #Boomerang is a #FlexFriday Boomerang!

A post shared by Gold's Gym (@goldsgym) on

On brand and simple – Gold’s Gym flexing its social media muscles. Wouldn’t working out be great if you could just do one lift and then Boomerang it 20 more times?

8. Bella Hadid

My beauties at @miumiu show today❤️💥❤️ @irinashayk @emrata

A post shared by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

Maybe not a “brand” in the traditional sense, but consider how precisely those in the fashion industry need to direct and maintain their online presence as they promote various brands. With Boomerang, a simple head nod becomes a “Night At The Roxbury” impersonation.

9. Ikea

It’s easy to make good Boomerangs when you have lots of movement in the clip. A bike wheel and pedal will certainly do the trick! This is an excellent example of using Boomerang to make a post interesting, while still utilizing the post to promote something – in this case, a new product.

10. Coca-Cola

Jeszcze więcej smaku radości! 💋 #cocacolapolska #boomerang

A post shared by Coca-Cola Polska (@cocacolapolska) on

Wrapping it up is a simple post from a Coca-Cola account. If you’re feeling stuck about what to Boomerang, try something simple and you’ll be surprised how interesting Boomerang can make the uninteresting. Simply filling a cup with Coke suddenly feels worth watching for a few seconds.

Boomerang is a great way to make posts stand out with eye-catching videos that won’t bore your audience. As with all branded social media posts, clips and captions that feel like a natural extension of the brand work best. Get creative and get posting!

How do YOU plan to use Boomerang for your next Instagram post? Get creative – we dare you!

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