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[BUZZ] 3 Ways to Repurpose Content and Win

This article originally appeared on the Salesforce Blog. Click here to view the original. Brand marketing is experiencing a renaissance the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades. That might sound crazy, but it’s true. The renaissance is occurring despite the daily headlines declaring the collapse of traditional advertising. And it’s [...]

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Build Your Content Team with These Five Key Players

Building a successful content team is almost like selecting your starting NBA lineup - there are five key players. In order to score, you should assess the complete skill sets needed for high-level content creation. Starting from scratch may require hiring new employees, consultants, freelancers, or a combination of these options [...]

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Managing Your Content Creation Process

It would be amazing if content just fell out of the sky, but that seems unlikely unless Buzzfeed finds a way to control the weather. Many components go into creating a single piece of content, but the process becomes more complicated when you factor in the multiple pieces of content needed [...]

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The Importance of Brand Identity

Brand Identity So, you’ve meandered through the hills and valleys that come with creating your brand, but now the focus becomes your brand identity. There is your product, some strong product photography and now you’re wondering [...]

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