Influencer Interview: Meryl Evans on Brand Publishing

We’re gathering some of the greatest marketing minds around to ask them a series of questions related to the future state of marketing and the need for brand publishing.

Marketing genius, Meryl Evans, does it all – from writing, website management, and project management. Read on to learn Meryl’s predictions on the state of marketing!

1.What is the difference between content marketing and brand publishing?

Content marketing is providing relevant and valuable content to your prospects and customers that does not pitch a company’s own products or services. Brand publishing is content marketing on steroids in which a company produces content like a professional publication does. It puts the audience first and has staff, processes, and professionally written and edited content.

2.In what ways do brands need to transform their organizations to become effective publishers?

Brands wanting to become publishers would create a team with an editor-in-chief, editors, and journalists. They create, execute, and evolve a publishing strategy, processes, style guides, and editorial calendar. Two examples of companies that are brand publishers are American Express OPEN Forum and QuickBooks Resource Center for Small Business.

3.What is the future of brand publishing?

Brand publishing will most likely incorporate social publishing in some shape or form. Emphasis on storytelling will continue to grow, but some companies question the mantra to use storytelling in everything. Their rationale is that customers don’t always care about the story.

This isn’t to say storytelling should stay or go. It means that companies need to question whether storytelling will be effective in each instance. Or if it’s an attempt to fit a square peg in a round hole out of pressure to tell a story. Sometimes all prospects and customers want is timely, relevant information.

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